MY first grow attempt. Do I have everything I need???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Zeke335, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I've decided to grow my own ganja because I'm sick of dealing no good dealers.

    I'll just run through the list of what I have if I've missed anything important out please tell me so I can buy it.

    here goes -

    - I have 5 Dutch passion mazar fem seeds
    - I have 2 grow pots filled with moist (but not too wet) soil and compost mixed in
    - I have a Sylvania High pressure grow lamp
    - I have fertilizer
    - and finally I have a fan because I was told I need a fan, but I'm not sure what it's purpose is. could someone explain it to me.

    is this everything I need to get started? or do I need anything else.
  2. the purpose of a fan is to circulate the air round the room so fungi and bacteria cant grow on your plant if you want i cans end you a link to an ebook you can download it will be a great help i am waiting for some northern light seeds at the moment and going to be attempting my first grow good luck
  3. HPS is ok for vegging, you may want to consider some CFL's for veg, and use the HPS for flower. How many watts is the hps?

    You probably want some dolomite lime for the soil mix, to help keep your ph at 6.5. Its cheap stuff, like $5 for a 50lb bag.

    What about something to line the walls or floor so you don't mess them up, and to reflect light?

    You probably want a ph meter as well, so you can adjust the ph of water before you give it to the plants. And a ppm meter as well to get an idea of how much nutrients you're giving them.
  4. yeah what are the specs of the grow light? Many people have grown hps from seed to flower and that will probably be better than cfl's just because you will have more wattage (im assuming). A fan will also help your plants leaves to breathe and is essential for healthy growth and thick stems. Definetly get some mylar or flat white walls, also a thermometer and a timer are your best friends. Do some more research as well, say goodbye to dealers:smoke:
  5. I have a 400watt Sylvania High pressure grow lamp and I've got my fan ready for use after the seeds sprout.
  6. they have given you some good advise...
    things you need.
    PH meter.( always check your ph)
    timers. ( for lights)
    home depot has 42 watt (150 equil cfl's they work great for veg)
    hps 400 watt (great for flower but you will need venting)
    mylar the walls ( i started with white paint and I can tell you mylar is much better)
    digital thermometer ( this will tell you the highs and lows)

    Im not sure on the compost in the soil ( i grow hydro) but i do know if its to hot it will burn your babies.

    Gluck man!
  7. out of the 5 pack of mazar I sowed 1 seed directly into soil. I'm using the paper towel method to germenate the the other 2. one seed came mashed up and there's no sign of a 5th seed.

    I'm new to this and I don't kn ow if I'm doing things right. If all this doesn't work I'll have to buy a new set of seeds in a few weeks

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