My first grow all help appreciated south Michigan

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  1. Welcome in. :)
    Tell us a bit about your plants.
  2. Really just some over the fence seeds that I sprouted no clue what they actually are tho was just an experiment to see if I could actually grow
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  3. Gonna be big!
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  4. Hopefully yes
  5. A few more of the ladies

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  6. What I couldn't post in IMs
    This is Green Cure.
    What I fight Powdery Mildew with. Usually found at the local Hydroponic stores
    Household Baking soda can be used but the sodium isn't as good for the plants as the Cure Potassium version is

    BT. AKA Thuricide, AKA Dipel.
    This I get from the local garden center (Armstrong's)
    I spray each once a week a day or two apart.

    I also run a 15 watt bug zapper close by with the grills cut away so I can brush it clean each morning. It's my monitoring station on how bad the moths are. Mid summer when it's jammed I'll step up the BT to twice a week.

    My grow is in Southern California so your needs may differ but the general rule is if you have moths around your porch lights your cannabis is at extreme risk.
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  7. Thanks we in Michigan but ya I have the bug light out in my yard already , I'll check into the stuff thanks
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    Michigan also I do kinda the same as BrassNwoods minus the bug zapper. I also do a weekly Neem oil instead of green cure right up to around two weeks of harvest. Haven't had a problem in years. Preventive maintenance is easier than a cure.
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  9. Hey man from one michigan grower to another haply growing and i wish you all the best with your outdoor season, cant wait to see how big them ladies get by the end
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  10. Ya I'm hoping for a good size out of em kinda excited myself to see how big they get
  11. Just curious about the plants that are being revegged? Did you start to flower them already to check their sex?
  12. All females didn't reveg have kept on 18/6 cycle til I got them all outside
  13. Looks like a couple autos in there. Got the three leaves...
  14. Then how are they flowering already? Ive never grown autos like the guy above stated they were but to me that looks exactly like a reveg
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  15. Under the 18/6 they got large enough to shoot pistils that's how I sexed them once I seen the pistils I knew they were female
  16. Everything I read while doing this told me as long as on a 18/6 cycle they wouldn't bud so kept them there til big enough to go out
  17. Ok this is just a went and put these out mid may? Maybe just as the light hours outside was beginning to change towards a vegitative length and the sudden drop of light, even though it was maybe only 3-4 hours or so extra darkness caused them to begin to flower. And since only some gentics are really susceptible to this a couple of yours did and a couple didnt. Then after they got acclimated and the hours of light increased over the next couple weeks they started vegging again. I have had this happen before. When it does happen to people its usually going from a 24/0 to outside not 18/6 to outside though. The ones that revegged on ya will be a little behind the others but will be ok. They look good though.
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  18. Ya it was probably a lil early than mid May I used a green house to keep em warm and stuff , never put em on a 24/0 didn't want to stress them
  19. Yep I had a feeling. It happens to the best of us. Next time suppliment with a cheap cfl or something for a couple extra hours at dark and you will avoid that in the future if you put them out early

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