MY first glass pipe!!

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  1. Yay, I just got this pipe yesterday. I got some bud too. Its some swag from texas, ask me if you wanna see, Im kinda regretting the pipe though. it set be back 40 USD.

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  2. You purposely bought shwag?
  3. Swag is all I can get sometimes.
  4. dman bruh... gotta find a better connection..

    the piece is lookin sweet tho.

    u should name it "jolly rancher"

    first thing that cmae to mind.
  5. Haha. Jolly rancher does sound pretty cool.
    I was gonna name it Mr. Freeze lol
  6. I don't know about you guys, but I have a medical card (implying that I smoke dank regularly) and schwag still gets me stoned as balls.

    Seriously, quit hating on schwag

    Oh yeah, sweet bowl dude.
  7. Thanks man. Ill post my swag lol
  8. not bad, my first though on a name was reggae cloud.
  9. i too have a card.

    therefore i also get my daily pick up of dank.

    i personally dont like schwag.

    therefore my opinion for him was to find a better dealer.

    you say u get stoned off a schwag?

    then more power to you.

    i mean i understand that not everyone can get the best of the best.
  10. I can get this stuff called corn for like 5 a gram.
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    Does it have kernels of THC?
  12. Yes.
    We keep it poppin in the D with that popcorn.
    Extra butter no seeds.
    And them kernels got me GONE. :p
  13. Wouldn't mind finding some middies (corn) myself. I'm in Dallas, but my hookup is all dank, all day. I would just like to pick up an oz for what I pay for a qt, you know, for daily smoking and rolling.
  14. Man i would LOVE to have a steady dank connection. The people I know can only get it like once a month. My dealer says by the time he buys it, he already has all of it sold lol.
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    My guy is also my lifelong creative collaborator, and he has his stuff coming from out of state. I just feel like I'm clubbing a baby seal when I roll with this stuff. I smoked schwag for 8+ years, so I'm not used to any "conservation methods". Now I can't find any mids, and I refuse to purchase schwag. (If it's being passed around, I won't turn it down)

    Anyway, nice pipe man! $40 may be a bit too high. Where did you go?
  16. I went to some random ass head shop called buds in cashTexas.
  17. My first pipe looked just like that accept the only color was white and there was no marble!
  18. Oh, I thought you were in the Dallas area. We have some pretty good shops if you're into high end glass.
  19. Don't regret the pipe. You need to have a decent piece and you need to try different ones to see what you like. If you take care of it, you'll have it for decades.

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