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  1. Hi there! 

    First I should start off my introducing myself, those of whom I smoke with know me as Billray so we shall leave it at that! I am still only young, just 18, I first touched weed in 2012 when I was around 17. I had done no prior research into the plant whatsoever and it was kind spontaneous decision to smoke it. I hated it to say the least, empowered my body with no other feeling but paranoia. After that I smoked it occasionally but I was constantly facing the same problems.
    Growing up all throughout my adolescent years my parents, friends and teachers consonantly told me that the plant was "bad for you", "highly damaging", "had a high chance of taking your life" and I believed this until I was given the opportunity to attend a lecture at a local university. The lecture consisted of a highly educated and certified psychologist who had done decades of work on the so called adverse effects of cannabis. Her findings where quite contradictory to what I was being told my the most trusting people around me. This promoted me to start my own research into cannabis but many other drugs and my view has been manipulated in a way I never thought possible.
    Ever since the lecture my experiences have been quite different. I have been able see past the paranoia and experience the real sensation of the plant. I now smoke it on a regular occasion, and it helps me with my day to day struggles both mentally and physically. It does wonders for me, allowing me to talk about things Id never talk about whilst sober, boosting my confidence and does wonders in opening my mind. Its a wonderful drug and I wish more and more people could try it but unfortunately outlaw it due its legal status in most places. 
    The future of cannabis is something that really excites me, I am from Australia where in some states it is decriminalized whoever in mine it is still a criminal offense. But cannabis is something in which I am highly passionate about and something I am willing to fight for and believe me I certainly don't fulfill the stereotype of someone who would smoke weed.   
    Sorry I got a bit side tracked there, I am under the influence. Anyway I would just like to end it by saying that the psychology lecture in which I attended as persuaded me to undertake a University degree in psychology as of March. It is a new chapter of my life that I am so excited to begin! 

    Billyray out. 

  2. nice man, im glad you came around. i do wonder if you would have come to the same conclusion without that psych class. funny how much a little thing like one course can change a persons beliefs. side note: 28 guest readers? sign up and voice your opinions damn lurkers. 
  3. So am I! the grass is defiantly greener on the other side! I don't think I would have, had my eyes set on a business related course since a very young age. I completely agree, it taught me things that I was oblivious too! 

    Totally agreed! We don't bite. 
  4. Good god Australia is such a nanny state. The nerve they have decorating there cigarette boxes. I have a question for you have people really quit smoking because of those packages?
  5. Personally I'm not a cigarette smoker, no idea why I do one and not the other but that's just the way I am.
    Now the packaging... I haven't seen many people quit but still being young, I have seen plenty of start. So in my eyes it has done very little. Not sure about the actual statistics/results but it would be very interesting indeed.

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