My first everything!!! Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze

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  1. Ok so I have used this website for years now and due to old head paranoia and conspiracies I was never a member, nor have I ever posted a blog or anything of this nature. So with that said before I go and post my grow I need a question answered before 12:00am est tonight when my lights come on. I had a $%&# up and my breaker blew 12 last night and I didn't catch it till 630 this morning. So they got their first 12/12 and after looking them over i noticed my jack grew her first vagina lol. No for real it has the first sign of a flower!!!! Do I change my lights and swith the light cycle to 12/12 or do I keep the lights 18/6 and let her grow. She was gonna be a mother of many but I can also live with budding her out. I need to take care of that first then ill post pics and give all the specs on my first grow.

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  2. I'm a bit confused - the lights went out at midnight, came back on at 6:30am... have they been on since? if so, they were only in the dark for a little over 6 hours and you can just stay in 18/6 if you want to keep her a mother... if they were out for longer I'd just flower them although you could just flip it back to veg too
  3. No lights go off@ 6pm and turn on@ 12am so that when I do flower lights will come on@ 6am. This way I will be home when the light comes on and off through her whole life. So it got a full 12 hours. Imma take maybe 4 clones and flower her.
  4. So my setup is a simple organic grow in a shed. Not up to my standers but it has woked so the shed there is an air intake fan and a vent fan, humidifier, a/c and heater, and 2 fans circulating the air. Im growing under a hydrofarm a 400 watt mh for veg and hps when I go to flower. I started from seed in fox farm ocean forest soil april 1st and plan to keep using it future grows. I keep my temp@ 78-74 and humidity around 50. Only thrive-alive for fertilizer every two weeks and a little bit after the final transplant the third week of life. Jack Herer is only a week older than the Super Lemon Haze. Like I said this is my first grow and I think the jack @ five weeks old is doing AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! ITS HUGE HAHAHA

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  5. Update

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  6. Its looking like your doing a solid job, its getting like rain-forest thick towards the middle lol.
  7. Not gitting as much input on this as I anticipated. I seen threads with hundreds of comments and their shit don't look anywhere near as good as mine.

    Wondering if I should do any triming or LST to maximize my yield?

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  8. Hey birdawg looks good man i like the set up. Super lemon haze will be my next grow. And the comments will come more in flowering people love bud porn.
  9. You should firstly do a journal for YOU, secondly, you should see it as a place where newbs and experienced growers can use as a reference as to how a strain grows or a guide.
    It is not a competition about whos better and whos plant is the sexiest, a grower with nute burn, and general plant issues will obviously get more replies, no matter how dead their plant is and that is because they need help.
    I can come into this thread and appreciate your an experienced grower, who grows a beautiful tightly noded plant without leaving a comment, is there anything wrong with that??
    Your plants are beautiful but an abundance in comments should not be what you seek, feel happy to share your pics for nothing in return just the self satisfaction that when your pics are viewed, it was YOU that grew it, newbs can learn from you, etc.

    Great job non the less;)
  10. So my girls are doing great for real cuz I been worrying about it gitting to big or not enought light and stupid shit like that. To save a long message let's just say I have some issues, hints why I smoke lol. So in my mind I think im doing something wrong or missing something and it drives me crazy. The internet and me are the only ones that my plants even exist. So help from a friend in person ain't gonna happen, so y'all are my most trusted advisors lol. Like I said this is my first time posting any kind of blog or anything like this. Im just now growin my own medicine because its just way to damn expensive and around here its dirt. Figured I studied enough I could grow better, guess I was right.

    I am giving them 14 hours or darkenss instead of 12. Is that good or should I do more or less and I am going to use SuperThrive from now on instead of thrive alive because I don't have anymore. It says 1/4 teaspoon per gallon but is it diffrent with these plants? And finally when the he'll do I start to see buds and what do I look for
  11. I think im gitting to medicated and then gitting paranoid. I also didn't know if people were even looking at my little thing I got going on here. The comments let me know y'all are here and im doing this for nothing.
  12. Shhhhhhhhhh they r sleeping. Lol well not really plants do more work at night

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  13. Looking good and I have to say, if you have problems the answers will find you here. But you seem to have it under control, back pats don't come till you show us the cannaporn, lol. Good work keep it up. :smoke:
  14. mmmm did it hurt when you busted ur cannabis growing cherry:devious:
  15. Those nodes are super tight my plant is stretching 4.5 ft tall at the sixth week of veg on my first grow now first week of flower reaching almost 6 ft
  16. No it didn't hurt when my cherrie got popped lol I took it like a man.

    Im very worried she is going to git to big for my 400w light. I have a little 150w flood light with hps buld but when and how should I set it up??? Also what about this SuperThrive, Good or bad??
  17. Anyone got an answer to my questions from my last post
  18. A 400w Mh can effectively light a 4x4 area. and if you want to use that HPS also I would look for a way to hang it right next to your 400w. Unless you had 2 of those little hps lights and then I would say rig them up on stands on each side of the plant about 3/4 of the way as high as the plant but make the stands so you can adjust them up and down. Just my 2 cents.:smoke:
  19. Few more pic's I got a few more lil bud sites pop up since I checked them this morning. Not sure what rate she is bud but so far I have had a shit load of lil white things pop out to the crotches of the branches witch will turn into buds..... I hope lol I got over 20 so far

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  20. Man that sure looks good! I hope you enjoy the fruits of your harvest :D

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