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  1. This is my first grow it is a 400 w HPS closet SCROG grow on 18/6 light with a 2 foot by 4 foot wood framed screen built into a closet.
    1 RECON (supposedly indica heavy hybrid)
    1 PLATINUM (supposedly sativa)
    June 29th 2011 i planted them in 3 gal black square pot in happy frog soil
    i use the general hydroponics nute system (flora bloom, flora micro, flora grow), super thrive, Ph up (General hydroponics as well) cal mag 1 watered as needed measuring with a water meter spike
    on September 21st 2011 i flipped the light to 12/12
    i plan to begin flushing the recon on November the platinum need a little more time.
    so far this is what i have done

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  2. Looking awesome! I cant wait to see how it all turns out!
  3. i want to grow myself but i cant until i own my own house. but i was wondering if there is any cali despensery that will diliver to another state, like pittsburgh pa. lol. and i dnt have a green card yet unless i actually go to cali.
  4. Nice grow dayzed!!

    No you need to live and have a card to your mmj state, transporting mmj across state borders is against federal law and is a big no no.
  5. unfortunately not, you have to be inside Cali with a Cali rec. to be legal... but you don't need to own your own home, you should check out some of the stealth grows people have going on, you could do a grow inside of a computer case or something...
  6. grow is officially done, i got about 8 oz, an actual weight will have to wait until everything is done drying and curing but i actually did it.. it grew..
  7. and it smokes very nice... how wonderful to have a hobby that produces one of my favorite things in life....

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