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Discussion in 'General' started by Bud buddys, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I was blazing and listening to some intense Techno music.. that got me thinking I love this why not try it out. this is a techno song I called Battling demons (me and my friends say were battling demons if were unbeliably high) My first try please tell me how I did, critisism is accepted I like to learn from my mistakes.
    took me 3 hours and 20 minutes to finish.

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  2. i have a pretty knowledge of techo music so some of my criticism might seem uneeded or wrong all together but please dont take offense.
    i think it was very well mixed. but it seemed slow for a techno song. i thought it was just going to be the intro but it never really sped up and the beat never got heavy, you know?
    again its likely i am wrong but good job. im gonna give it a listen next time i blaze. it seems like some good high music
  3. Yeah Im just learning how everything works right now, i want to get to intense dubstep eventually like dubmayhemuk
  4. i think your mixing ability would translate well into dubstep because the only thing your beat lacks is depth, as in speed or just a big drop and some bass
  5. so your opinion be honest, decent for my first time ?
  6. yeah most definitely a good first effort. keep it up man. keep posting you beats. im down to keep listening
  7. First impressions: Use of dynamics isn't really present. Dynamics are your crescendos and decrescendos which can give a lot of excitement and emotion to the music. Also, the ending sound, sound like an intro sound. (It repeated by itself for me and I assumed a new song started with the sound until I realized when I went back to check the ending again.)

    Second impressions: I tried to count your phrases and there doesn't seem to be anything too consistent through the entire piece, but there is some present at least. In modern music, songs typically have a phrase of 8. This means that eight bars go by before the next musical concept (a melody or beat or something) is added in the song. Phrases allow you to do a lot of things with a song from build up energy to mixing it with other songs.

    Definitely a good start! Do you have a written comp to go along with it?

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