My First Ever Grow( Partial Harvest) Cfl

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DREADHEADHTX, May 22, 2013.

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    So anxious to test my bud and couldnt wait any longer so I decided to cut my bigger buds that didnt seem to be swelling anymore and focus on the onces that could use more time and light. was planning on cutting down whole thing since I been flushing for 2 weeks but made a last minute decision to let those lower buds  and larger side buds densing up a lil more. I started this plant along with another one ( other ended up being a male) with incandescent bulb then swithed to cfl bulbs the rest of the way
    first pic is the three stems I harvested and 2nd is whats left on plant. and believe me theres alot left
    Im proud of my self :) :smoke:


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  2. Depressing this got no comments I am very interested how it went. Nice grow

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  3. Three years later and you're interested how it went? He harvested the big buds and let the rest grow lol. He also was last active theee years don't think he will see the nice grow. Plenty of cfl grows in other places that are recent.
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  4. Based off the pictures, he harvested too early.

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