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My first eighth pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jeffersong808, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. image-2168987191.jpg

    This cost me $60, my dealer said it is 3.5. Some medical strain

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    Get a better camera lol, but the first pic looks about like a slice
  3. definitely looks like some nice bud and a legit count, a little bit on the pricey side usually I can get an 1/8th for 30-40 but nice grab none the less.
  4. hows it smoke?
  5. sweet deal. keep buying in eighths or higher. its cheaper than by the gram
  6. can't really tell from the picture man. Id hate to have to pay $60 for danky ass weed though. Talk them down to at least $40 or id go find someone else.
  7. [quote name='"Hempire23"']can't really tell from the picture man. Id hate to have to pay $60 for danky ass weed though. Talk them down to at least $40 or id go find someone else.[/quote]

    ^^ id have to agree withh hempfire, id only pay max 45 an 8th
  8. yea fuck that shit fucking 10/g or get o's for like 215 :smoke:
  9. talk them down man i could easily get a quarter for 50
  10. Sorry im using an iphone 3g lol
  11. So are u guys saying i got ripped off or decent deal?
  12. Prices are based on where you live, if the area is dry of dank buds then you're obviously going to pay more.
  13. Price depends on your location defiantly. Good bud!
  14. If you're in the east coast, it's not a bad deal, eighths are usually $55-$65 here in Upstate New York. The other people who get eighths for less are most likely in the west, unless they have a really good hook up.

  15. This. I pay 60-75/8th, depending on quality of dank. Never once paid $45 for an 8th, best deal I had was $50. And that was once.
  16. Nice looks really dank man, good price for the east coast. Hey and i have a Tube exactly like that except like and inch shorter.
  17. decent nug might be a little short hard to tell from the pictures though, depending on where you live 60/eigth is normal, around jersey 50-60 depending on your hook up
  18. 60 an eight is normal.. 50 is good. 30-40 and your getting hooked up
  19. Shit man what part of pa. I live there too and 50 1/8 is standard and if your hooked up it 45 or sometimes 40 but thats only once ina blue moon

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