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my first cross blunt

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by drewzilla, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    turned out alright, not as good as i hoped. any tips for next time?
  2. I've got no tips cause' I haven't rolled a cross blunt; but I think it looks pretty damn good for the first one you've ever rolled man. +rep
  3. looks good,

    id say next time dont use swishers bc their consistency
    seems like itd be hard to seal well around the joint
  4. that is beautiful man good job
  5. damn dude well done....i bet you roll a MEAN swisher blunt if you can twist up some crazy shit like that
  6. well that was fun. got pretty baked, smoked it with my girl while watching pineapple express. pretty lame movie but some parts were funny
  7. Looks pretty nice. I'd smoke that.
  8. I will see you at the lunch table haha.

  9. looks greazy
    mad props
  10. mpressive i wouldnt even attempt 1 of those...
    bet that smoked the place up...
    toke it tz...
  11. looks good bro, jus make sure u bake it a lot in da middle so it doesnt fall apartn shit
  12. lookin good is never as good as smokin good. whats the deal with all these new blunt ideas. backwoods rolled normally and bong rips never stopped workin for me.:smoke:
  13. can't...understand you rolled 2 then used some of the wrap to put them together? can't even hit the top one
  14. DAMN! I bet that hit nicely

  15. i cut into both and stuck thrm together using extra paper as a binder

    its my bday today and im plannin on trying this again
  16. Happy birthday dude. Blunt looks sick. I've been thinking of doing this any chance on a tutorial?

    Either way enjoy the day man and stay high :smoke:
  17. damn 1st time ive seen a cross blunt came out pretty good thought keep it up!!:smoking:
  18. Dude I thought it was just a myth.
  19. Tell me this; are you actually able to light three ends and successfully get a hit from each one through the unlit one? How did you go about smoking it exactly, just like in PE?
  20. im so high that i just fell for the little ant crawling around in the op s sig haha

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