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  1. hello, after long 2 weeks of searching I finally bought this 97 Grand Cherokee for $2,500. It's awesome and I love it only after like a day driving. It has more advanced features than our 06 Chevy Impala. There are small things that need to be fixed and replaced, it's pretty optional but I'd like to get this car into a better condition.

    Does anyone else own a Cherokee and do you like it? :smoke:

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    My son had one with a inline 6 cyl motor. the thing was bulletproof. He paid 50 bucks for it and sold it 6 months later for $500. Happy to hear you didn't buy any of that exotic shit. That Jeep is cheap and easy to fix, and i'll bet you are in love with it when you finally get rid of it.
  3. First car was a 98, loved that jeep. We still have it, but when it only gets 13 MPG with the V8 it kinda sucks.

    Have fun with it, they're great trucks
  4. nice whip bro always wanted one of those, but at 9bucks the gallon, not an option :(
  5. yea its a bit of a gas guzzler
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    Where do you pay that??
  7. My friend is currently driving one with the 5.2...that thing is fun!

  8. look at my location bro! :D gas price over here make a v8 or even e v12 hard to afford :(

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