my first car

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  1. Ok so first off Congradulations to OP nice ride:hello:

    this is my first car i got when i was 16, its a 1984 chevy camaro z28 5 speed. original owner swapped out the 305 for a 350, then i bought it and put duel flow masters on it and a sound system. Repainted it flat black and it had a posi rear end. Fuck man i went threw tires like no tommorow. it was a badass car:cool:. and yea thats my hill billy father wearin a coors shirt with the sleves cut off.


    After i sold my camaro i got this its 2001 mustang v6 with some 18" cobra R rims. this one was manual too and deffinitly got sideways:D. i still got it parked in the driveway but i cant drive it now cuz DUI's suck.

  2. dude that camaro was bitchin wish i had a car.
  3. My first car was a Subaru Forester. I drove it into a river. that was the end of my first car.
  4. haha how'd u manage to do that??
  5. yeah, that was my first car too. I had the champaign or gold beige color. Lasted forever. I got it with 170,000 miles for 500 bucks and only the water pump went out at 250,000 miles! Great car, just a little slow.

    I miss it, my grandma bought it off me so I get to see all the dents and shit she put into it.
  6. Nice 84, my brothers got one in blue with a 1965 vet motor in it, scrap motor to replace the blown 305

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