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  1. My mom officially gave me her truck so its mine now :hello:
    i would use it all the time but she bought a 2009 trailblazer and she gave me her truck im tooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she dont let me use the new 2009 trailblazer though lol i tired its a nice ass car but im happy with the one she gave me

    oh by the way its a 2000 lincoln navigator pictures coming soon!!!!

    woot i got my first car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LMFAO... Both those cars make you look like a drug dealer!
  3. pretty nice and large first ride mayyyne..but congratzz thats sick.:smoking::smoking:
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    lol its all good i dont slang so it dont mattter

    yeah its big but it was the first car i learned to drive so i can pretty much drive a truck or car
  5. u dont slang... hahahaha

    but werd, im hopefully going to pick up my 94 camry today

  6. Eww! A camry... Really?

    Save your money and buy a real car.
  7. I remember my first vehicle.. It was given to me by my father, it was a 95' jeep cherokee standard.. what a peace of crap... I miss that thing though.. hahahaha

    rockin' a nice volvo s70 now though
  8. I had an 87' Tempo that was falling apart. Had to work my ass off to buy it myself. By the time I traded it in, I was given $150 for the car and $250 for the stereo in it.
  9. i had a 98 mustang given to me by my parents on my 16th bday. that fuckin thing would shake houses a mile away. ii had 4 12' subs custom built into the trunk :D:eek::smoking:. i miss that car. my subs are still bangin in my new car 08 explorer Lx edition.

  10. Lol, "save your money and buy built-in obsolescence... the American way!" :rolleyes:

    Some people are into reliability & affordability...
  11. nice new car :cool:
  12. thats cool happy driveing:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  13. how much did the insurance cost for the mustang when you was 16 if you dont mind me asking? im moving to america this summer and i would love to get a mustang. I have no idea what the insurance prices are like in comparison to the UK.
  14. my first car is a 02 2door sunfire with 27k on it.
    still got it, only 33k on it now and ive drove fro 5 months or so.

    put in speakers, gotta get a sub and amp... got a nice 330$ deck XD

    and my parents extra vehicle is a 08 colorado z71.. with 22" rims :D but i like driving my car much much more than a huge long truck im not used to.

    dad has a brand new 2010 camaro 2SS... too bad i havent learned standard on a real car yet. only used standard with my G25 wheel
  15. like a GM? yeah. a reall car.

    while you are on the side of the road trying to repair your "real cars" engine, imma blow past you in my shitty jap import
  16. thats awesome dude enjoy it I'm saving up for a lexus is300 right now. I should be able to buy one by the end of the summer.
  17. my parents didnt make me the main driver on that car so i really couldnt tell u. i was put the main driver on my dads work truck, a1989 f150 pickup and i was payin like $85 a month for that. if its not a brand new mustang with a v8 engine in it i dont think the insurance for a 16 year old would be too high...:confused:.
  18. lincoln navigator thats a pretty sweet first car. My first car was a 02 hyundai elantra 5 spd good car never gave me a problem but the car i have now I love its a 06 hyundai sonata fully loaded leather v6 240hp fast as hell Beautifull car rides amazing.
  19. agreed.

    big men ride in trail blazers.

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