My First Bong

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  1. It's gonna be this:
    With this:

    Whadday'all think? I for one am excited.
  2. Ahhh damn. Nice i wish i had a bong like that. May i ask how much it is?
  3. I think its a good start... Really cheap and you might end up breaking it so who cares.

    Own atleast 5 nice bongs after that without breaking and then you can purchase your dream bong that youll have forever ;)
  4. It's very cheap, and it's only my first. I'm buying it straight from the blower, so it's only gonna be about 60 bucks all together.
  5. Inspect those trees. You really don't want your first experience with diffusion to be a drag beast. Seems like the perfect first bong setup, I would just hate to see you disappointed when it takes one full hit to fill it, and one to clear it, so make sure to look over those trees.

    $60 is a he'll of a deal for some first glass!
  6. that is nice.

    id take it for $60.

    damn i need an a/c.
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    nice man, looks like it'll ht smoothly.

    BE careful though, that ash catch looks like its an 18mm opening, and your downstem appears to be 14... Make sure theyre the same so it fits properly.

    p.s. be carefull with ash catchers like that. We had one, but the perc broke off inside. Now its a huuuge carbon filter hahaha

  8. If its his first set up, how can he be disappointed?

    In order to be disappointed he would need grounds for comparison.

    He cant compare this bong to anything else because its his first bong.

    So its going to be very hard for him to be disappointed.

    He will more than likely be very happy with his purchase.

  9. He mentioned that he's getting it from a glass blower so I think he'll match it up right. Unless he is only doing the bong.
  10. in general people are usually pretty good at making sure it fits... its more if youre buying them online you might fuck up you know.

    Just so you know, the opening of your bong (looks like) 18mm with a 18->14 down stem. This means that bowls (or ash catches) with 14mm will fit. If you have an 18->18 downstem then it'll be fine.

    You should be fine though, and if ABSOLUTE worse comes to worse you'll need a new downstem, but theyre cheap.

    Like i said you should be fine though. No need to worry...
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    The basis for comparison can be his own standards. It's just like being disappointed in a movie you've been waiting all year for. You have never seen the movie, yet you were still let down. I agree that he should be happy, but after reading all of the amazing information about percs and such on these sites, along with the info he's been given, you never know what his expectations are. I don't think my post was unjust.
  12. if its dirt cheap like i think it is (ive seen similar looking glass online recently) then its china glass, just a heads up
  13. Pretty cool shit dude. Nice pickup. ITs china glass but who cares.

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