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    I am sure there are millions of threads about these, and for that, I am sorry! This is really my first visit here.
    My max price is $25-$30 (That's what I am aiming for) and I am specifically looking for something that will last a long time, am able to put ice in (Water as well, of course). What do you guys recommend?
    Yes I did try out the filter in the shop, but I couldn't find anything really. I am also looking for a taller bong maybe around 8-14 inches.
    Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
    EDIT: I'd like to add that I have been using several different glass pipes for the past year. Mainly looking for acrylic now..

  2. 30$ for a 14 inch bong with ice notches? Are you crazy?
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    I am sure there are some out there. Look, let's say 8 inches and above? I'm new to not only purchasing pieces, but the community as well.
    But nonetheless, thanks for the unhelpful reply in finding a bong.
    Just below $30 because shipping is too much! ($16+ is outrageous)
    Just gonna say that I CAN get an acrylic, but people say to not get one.
  4. That will never happen. Only option is acrylic with that budget
  5. You're right. So I guess my question now is, which acrylic bong is the best for my preferences? Thanks!
  6. But in all honesty the better way to go is just save like 30 more bucks nd buy some china glass... My acrylic bong was mold central
  7. @[member="xGovernor"] Honestly I would try looking at some head shops so you can see what you like, then go online and find never know what you want until you've had time with one. It took me months to pick my oil rig, I went to a head shop and played around with about 6 different ones until I decided I wanted a smaller one versus a big one, I wanted a spinner versus a recycler etc...

  8. Just gonna say that I CAN get an acrylic, but people say to not get one.[/quote]

    Sorry about that. I was just very surprised. I had an acrylic 6 inch that I got for 30$ at my local head shop. Nothing fancy but it milked so nicely. Anything fairly tall is in a run you some money. I would estimate about 40-60$ for 8 inch glass. People will say not to get acrylic but I personally didn't find anything wrong with it. If you do get acrylic just be careful with cleaning it. You can not use isopropyl alcohol. It will destroy the piece.
  9. Go to aliexpress and find something on there. Your best bet. It's gonna be china glass but for 30 you can snag a honeycomb 14" pieceSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. No thanks.
    Looking for opinions on the link above.
  11. If you were willing to broaden your price range maybe a maximum of $10, I'd say you'd probably be able to find a bubbler or a mini bong for decent price. I recently bought a pretty good one at a local head shop for $35.
  12. I appreciate it man, but I'm looking for opinions on what to get from the two links above.
    top one is 6 inches tall...
    both grommet on glass...
    id take the china glass, because its on par with the quality you are getting with that glass, and better than plastic.
    but do what you want.
  14. If you want something that's good quality, nice, and will last you a long time then get a glass on glass bong. Easier to clean, hit better, cleaner taste. Before you tell me you don't care about my opinion and just want my opinion on the links you posted, I think they are both cheap and shitty and I definitely wouldn't recommend them.
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    Can you recommend one under $30 for me? I could spend $50 but shipping is ridiculous. Preferably on this site or EDIT.
  16. To be honest you're better getting it from a smoke shop. If they don't have anything you like, go to a different one. There's like 15 headshops within a 10mile radius of me, I would assume it's the same for you unless you're in the country or something. I got this for 50bucks, it's glass on glass has an ice pinch.It's prob China glass but it's thick and clears with no drag. You just have to look around. Check craigslist

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  17. I live 44 miles from any headshop. What is your opinion, the first one or second?
    Scam website.


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