My First Bong

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  1. Hey blades, just wanted to post a celebration picture of my new bong which I bought today.
    first bong.jpg
    What do you think? I know it's not great but it's good enough for a first bong, no?
    It's about 20" tall, 2 percs, diffused downstem. just the basics. I might get an ashcatcher to aid in keeping the percs clean.

  2. Oh man, I just had my first sesh with this bong. It hits like a dream! I haven't been this high in months. Took two small snaps and I'm feeling great.
  3. Very nice, Music Man. Gorgeous piece, especially for your first bong.
    How much did it run you?
    Should post a vid of you taking a hit from it.
  4. I think I'll post a video for my 420th post. It cost me $130 Canadian at my LHS
  5. Looks good!
  6. Nice piece! Congratulations :) definitely put up a video of you ripping that! Good price too :D
  7. siiiick man. rly sweet buy
  8. Pretty sick man waay better than the pop can i smoke out of
  9. Solid for 130

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  10. Can't go wrong with a circ. Nice first piece welcome to the club :smoke:
  11. Perfect for a first piece
  12. Thanks everyone for the awesome posts on my first bong! I have officially fallen in love with her haha. I'm not sure what to name her, anyone got any ideas?
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    You said that it has 2 percs but I can only see one I thought the dome part above was a splas guard if im wrong sorry just confused the hell outta me :D

    Edit : forgot to mention its a nice piece:)

    Stay Smokey! !
  14. Yeah man you're right i later discovered it was a splash guard with slits to make the smoke spin up the tube

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