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My first bong!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlankyD, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Yeah I just got this new black leaf bong with my girlfriend and I thought I would share this with you :)

    Sorry if it looks a little dirty, we just had to try this out!





  2. Looks very good, I like the lighting in your room. Perfect for some positive vibrations, but I'd keep the desk tidy :)
    How was your first experience with it?
  3. Is that aluminum foil on the bowl?

    If yes why would you do that?

    If not ignore above statement
  4. Relax dude since its his first Bong he probably doesn't have screens
  5. Yeah I got this glass gauze with it but it wasn't very good! That's why there's foil :p going to load up a bowl now. :smoking:

  6. I dont ever use a screen. Having no screen is way better than smoking tin foil. That shits so bad for you.
  7. ya smoking off aluminum/tin foil isnt very healthy OP.
    id just go screen-less and clean the bong regularly.
  8. That bong looks sick!!! Great design like the black leaf logo on the bottom
  9. Thats the first time ive seen a glass bong with a plastic stand...
  10. I for one would never use one, but it all depends on big the hole is. I completely love glass screens
  11. Not bad good job
  12. Glass screens are nice. I ALWAYS lose them though :(

    Pretty decent looking bong you have there OP. As others have already said though, get rid of that foil. We don't wanna see a fellow blade do something like that and risk having health problems. Be safe, don't use aluminum.

    Glass screens are dirt cheap, grab a few. You could also use a little nug or a stem or two depending on the size of the hole. If it's really big then make a little x with two stems and set it on the bottom.

    Keep it sleazy :cool:
  13. i d0nt use screens, and if i needed one i would use the bud to plug the hole, decent bong
  14. Yeah usually the hole is small enough that you can just throw a clump of bud on top and it's fine, I've almost never used screens in 5 years of smoking.
  15. Dude I'd be pissed if i lost mine
  16. [quote name='"BlankyD"']Yeah I got this glass gauze with it but it wasn't very good! That's why there's foil :p going to load up a bowl now. :smoking:[/quote]

    Have fun with Alzheimer's

  17. Officially denied by the American Alzheimer's Assocation
  18. [quote name='"BlazedGlory"']

    Officially denied by the American Alzheimer's Assocation[/quote]

    Link or it didn't happen

  19. I shall do that :p
  20. I agree completely. I have multiple bowls for all of my bongs varying in size. Some I use a screen, others I break a small nug off and pop it in the bottom, others work fine with even the most ground up weed.

    Oh and have to say it. "but it all depends on *how* big the hole is. <-Sounds really dirty ^.^

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