My first ACTUAL wake-n-bake

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Green Toker, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Today was my first actual wake n bake. I had loaded a bowl in my vaporizer the night before, then I woke up around 10 turned the vape on and woke back up around 11. My vape has a 4-2 hr auto shutoff so I wasn't worried. When I woke up I immediately smoked the bowl, mann I was ripped. I went to the kitchen for some food and got 2 oatmeal cream pies, grabbed my pipe and weed and smoked a bowl in my truck. I love wake n bakes, I was much more stoned feeling. :smoke:
  2. Coolio. Peace & Good Vibes....too stoned to write anything else.
  3. Nice, I love wake and bakes. The other day I went camping in the wild with a few buddies, wake an baked every day with a joint, still in the sleeping bag :)
  4. i did thatthismorning.
  5. Tomorrow, I will do the similar.
  6. Haha thats great to hear man

    I think its just funny that you have a vape and have never woken and baked before.

    I am a heavy advocate of wake and bakes, they make that dreaded hangover the next morning and its just enjoyable
  7. What do you mean by ACTUAL?

    Have you had some wake-n-bake's that were not pleasing?:confused:
  8. haha or maybe he meant he hasnt smoked IMMEDIATELY after waking up before.

    sometimes if im vaping before bed ill leave half a bowl for the morning. nothing like waking up after a nice vape session to hit the vape again immediately. i usually just melt back into bed and relax for another hour
  9. As will I :hello::hello:
  10. I like legit wake-n-bakes.

    Like the kind of wake-n-bakes where i leave my bong by my bed and smoke AS SOON as i get up.

    I try not to waste any time :hello:
  11. Dude reminds of my only real wake n bake. One morning i woke up and I'm surrounded by friends hitting the bong. They weren't over at my house last night, they just let themselves in (they're good friends) and set up and starting smoking in my room lol.

    So like 2 seconds after my eyes are open they shove the bong in my face and i proceed to take a huge rip literally 10 seconds after I woke up. Then I kick them out of my room, get dressed, and we go to McD's :D
  12. Never have before but plan to on 4/20. :hello:
  13. Yeah, they are fun. Often, I smoke at the end of the day and the weed just makes all my tiredness show itself and the bed is the best place ever. But when I wake and bake after a good sleep, I have a ton of energy, I go and do something fun and I use my whole high.
  14. i love wake and bakes
    especially when i find myself eating ice cream in the morning

  15. haha my brother did that to me in the summer a couple time. He'd smoke in the room so it smells and i wake up to that sweet sweet aroma. Then proceed to wake me up while shoving the bowl in my face. Sometimes i would just take a hit then go back to sleep and sleep a lot later. It was awesome.
  16. Hope you had a blast man, wake n bakes are awesome. If I can I'll do one tomorrow, it's been a while.
  17. One of the only things in this world that is, for me amazing EVERY TIME I do it. The simple beauty of enjoying good tunes, dank green and tasty munchies in the post-sleep haze of the morning is something every stoner should enjoy at least once.

    Cheers man. :smoking: Good vibes. I'm toasted. :hippie: I'm going to space now..
  18. hahahah nice man.:hello::smoke:
  19. haha sounds awesome, so do i

    i remember one time i was suppose to meet my friend somewhere kinda early, but i ended up sleepin till about 1. when i woke up, she was there sat on my bed passing a joint to me. :D god i love her :smoking:
  20. I remember setting my clock radio alarm thing I used to have to wake me up playing "liquor n bud" by Three Six Mafia, and putting my bong loaded with sour deisel next to my bed. Best wake n bake ever cuz haha

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