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My finished CFL grow box *VIDEO*

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Indi420, May 28, 2009.

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    Here it is, bad quality video but this is my box :). I'll post some HQ still pictures once my seeds sprout in the grow jorunal I will be making.

    8 26 watt cfl bulbs, 204watts total.

    Light bars tied on with plastic ties, they will not move.

    Adjustable shelf can be lowered when plants grow bigger, or removed.

    Venting holes inside the box, very clean wiring.

    Fan on the outside of the box blowing fresh and clean air into the box, and out the other side due to holes on both sides of the box.

    If the above method does not vent properly I will install computer fans.


    Picture 1. The box with a soft blanket on it.


    Picture 2 . The box with out a blanket cover on it


    Picture 3. The swinging door, and chuck norris.


    Picture 4. The box with lights off.


    Picture 5 . The box with 6 out of 8 lights on


    Picture 6 & 7. A closer look at the lighting


  2. hahah ur dog is funny.. its like what the fu*k is this sh*t!?

    hahah good stuff mane
  3. If you could install computer fans, then you place a nice cloth over that and you'll have a table / grow box covertly disguised! Either way...GREAT JOB

    Peace and good luck,

  4. My question maybe dumb but i just wanted to kno what do u guys do after ur plants really start growing do u have a box for flower? just wondering because i see alot of small grow boxes on here and really never see them in flower.

  5. ;) I'm growing autoflower dwarf plants

  6. niceee, How many dry grams do those dwarf plant usually give? sry im a newb lol
  7. I like how the CFL's are plugged directly into the power strip. I think I'm gonna try that.
  8. Picture updates uptop

  9. I will keep an eye to urs so we can track each other progress, Good Harvest
  10. Box turned out real nice Indi
  11. i will be watching
  12. Hey cool set up, i want to do something similar to that with lowryder#2, is it a good strain to start with for a first grow?

  13. Yeah click the link in my sig and you can see my grow of LR2

  14. Thanks for the tips but my grow box is already in action, I have 2 fans installed now if you view my grow journal in my sig you can check it out, also I use flat white paint since it is much more reflective than tin foil and does not create any hot spots :)

  15. Morning Indy I got one question, How do I upload a video here ?

  16. Morning, I use photobucket and just upload my video on that then use the img code, same as a picture really. :smoking:

  17. Aluminum Foil? NO NO NO

    When you decide to grow, I suggest you use mylar or flat white paint.

  18. Definitely mylar... white paint is over exaggerated its really not that great/reflective i see much better results with mylar.

  19. Yeah I use kinda both, but I'm starting to realize mylar is better, I have some mylar and mostly white surfaces in my mini cabinet. For my Big Flowering Cab I think I will use all mylar.

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