My female friend's first time smoking

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  1. So this girl that I'm interested in wanted to smoke with me. I made sure my place was chill: turned on a little ambient light, played some good music, rolled up a medium-sized joint, and showed her the bud that it came from (I had some fairly dank stuff). We started smoking it and I taught her the right way to inhale and to take it at her own pace. She took 3 hits total, with a lot of coughing in between, and was couch-locked completely. I wouldn't think that small amount would do it, but she was tired from a long week of school and overall I suppose I gaged that wrong. Anyways, she basically fell asleep on my shoulder which was pretty cool, but I was hoping for a more 'enlightening' experience.

    What should I do next time to make it a better experience? I was thinking that we would smoke in the late afternoon rather than at night, we would only smoke out of my one-hitter to make it easier on her, and that we would take a walk outside after we finished smoking. Getting her more active would probably prevent any groggy feeling.
    What do you think?
  2. i think you already got the right idea
  3. take her for a walk. on a nice day or evening, a walk is usually kinda "romantic" anyway, and being high will make that walk awesome.

    then take her back to ur place and bang her out.:D
  4. Dude this is hard.... Get some dank shit and a nice spoon, let her it it once, and then do whatever. Take the bowl with you just in case the 1st hit didnt do the trick.. The first time i got my girl high she had the sofa locked down for a while to...
  5. "Hey I liked the time I spent with you smoking, mind if we do it again?"

    "Cool meet me at my place at 2:00"

    *light candles and shit*

    "You know, i wouldnt want to spend this time with anyone else but you right now."


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    I think you answered your own question. Good luck bro, sounds like ya got a good deal going :)

    Also, you gotta get her laughing. The uncontrollable laughter of the first few times you smoke is life changing :)

    So make sure next time it's not too "chill". Like change up the lighting, have something on the TV, does she play video games? Having something to "DO" is very important for those first few times getting high. Don't try to set up a "romantic" hangout when she's a weed virgin. You gotta make her first experiences full of fun.

  7. hahaha I lol'd XD

    but yeah, I think the outdoor walk will be nice. Especially since the temperature here just dropped from mid 90's to mid 70's, this weekend will be nice for that.

  8. I think after the first time, she is more used to it and I'm more adjusted to how she reacts.

    Thanks! hope it works well

    She's from California, moved here for school, and had never smoked before Friday.

  9. LMFAO best ever^

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