My fcked up plant coming along nicely :D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by 2Packed, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Haha, I planted this plant around November as a total experiment (I didn't discover these forums till around January and I have never grown before) and the plant really is coming on quite well now.

    I haven't fertilized the plant at all yet although some is ordered.

    I think the plant is a female (note the tiny white "v" hairs in the second photo), how long from now till you think the plant will be ready to harvest?

    Also, will water soluable 20-20-20 be ok?

    Peace Out.

    2Packed :wave:

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  2. cant really tell to well cuz teh pics arent that clear but looks like a male...sorry dude
  3. sorry man but your either having difficulty viewing those pics or you dont know the diff between male and female mj plants. that plant is defo a female. good luck and looking good 2packed!!
  4. ahahahaha goldentoker21 is funny...... great looking plant man that fert is probly better for Veg but should also hold you over through flower though a more p-k fert would be better for flower my flowering fert is 2-8-4 but its all good I also use 10-15-10 for veg....... good luck on your flowering hope you get some good product............... also what kind of light you got?????
  5. Yeah, it's a female man, I am only using my phone for the pics anyways.

    It's being grown outdoors in the pot, do you think the pot is ok or should I go larger? Does it matter now if it is starting to flower?

  6. a bigger pot is always good, and its fine if you want it to flower now, sometimes its difficult to control the flowering of an outdoor plant, you might not get very much off of it because its a lil small, but its looking good and if you just want a nice lil bit of personal homegrown the let her flower away!!
    looking good and keep us posted 2packed!!
  7. Right, I have got a bigger pot now and I am going to transplant her tomorrow, keep watching for updated pics.

  8. HIGH All, good move on the Transplanting will be impressed.
  9. Right, she is now transplanted into the biggest pot that I can use.

    What do ya think?

    Edit: The pot doesn't look any bigger in the photos but trust me it is quite a bit wider and a lil bit taller.

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  10. HIGH All, pot size should have been bigger.....but hey..your growing right!! Have Fun Packed.

  11. Yeah, I know but my space doesn't really allow me to go any bigger, I am only growing for myself anyway :D
  12. Good looking plant. Good rule of thumb is you need one gallon of pot for every foot you plan to grow of a finished plant. Now granted you can cheat this a little and still do "okay" but that is what many feel is the minimum to get decent results.

    Your plant looks healthy though so far :)
  13. Yeah, it looks nice and healty :D

    Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Some updated pics, she is now flowering :D








  15. lookin good mate... looks like u just got into flowering,(realdealz giggles*, wouldn't smoke anymore of her till she's done mate btw.. however, this is the proper place to get that question answered but i want bother)

    looks like you have still about a good 2 months...give OR take a week. definitely a female...didn't see any signs of hermies...btw...if its a bagseed grow you need to be lookin out for hermies!!!! good luck...I'll be back by to check up later....GrOw On:D
  16. looking good, but is that a bug on the leaf?
  17. Lol, just noticed the "Evil South African Marijuana Spider" for the first time in the photo, yes it was on there but I removed it and killed it :p

    Btw, what is the definiton of "bagseeds"?

    Also, anyone know about the longer days while flowering thing?

  18. bagseeds(as said...unless the growers were ordering dank seeds.

    longer days...are you worried that your plant want have time to finish before the sunlight makes it go back to vegging? if so then you may have to pull it in to a closet for 12 hrs dark everyday then the other 12 outside? just trying ton help
  19. so was lookin around saw ur other post...concerning the light about 13/11...put two and two together figured out that is what ur talking about... your plant will GO back into vegging, i wouldn't worry about the 13/11 but the days are getting longer and longer! causing your plant to not bud as well....i would suggest taking it back and forth to the closet so that it continues to get 12/12 for the rest of budding...thats your only option other takin the chance to see if the lights don't force it to reveg...i would take the chance when i could pull it in and out...good luck GrOw On:hello:

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