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Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by wildc@rd, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. hey guys,

    I just have to tell you. I read a book the other day that changed my life. It's full of everything you need to know to be the best person you can be. It's so uplfting and geniunely embracing of all cultures.

    Yes, that book is the Holy Bible. -

    Not only does it illustrate by using graphic (all encompasing) decriptions :

    The birth of the universe,
    Real Evolution,
    The concept of heaven as a place in which true believers can observe those banished to hell for an eternity of suffering

    But it also,

    Teaches me that homosexuals are evil
    Teaches me that Pride is a deadly sin


    (the catholic version which I read....) tells me that masturbation is the devil's way of eating my soul.


    PS> I hear that the pope is addicted to cats, so much so that he's been diagnosed as a cataholic.... snigger.

    This message has been brought to you today by the underlying principal that anything I say is utter bullshit. Especially when I'm wizzing.
  2. I see from you post that you are a senior member. Personally, I've been signed up with this site for a couple of years now but I've never really taken any particular interest (apart from my first introduction when I fell out big time with some guy who took offence to the fact that I breathe approximately 16 - 20 breaths within a 60 second respiratory cycle.

    Had it been up to him, my breathing would have been dramatically cut down to a much less noticeable 0 out of 0 breaths. In addition, I expect he would have liked to see the remainders of my circulating blood volume spill out into a bucket of puke (sourced from someone who spent the evening eating horse manure.)

    Saying that, it wasn't like he didn't love my indescribable charm or suave approach to all things grasscity, it was just that I ripped into him good style one day (so much so that the ripping was of a level so nasty and ill conceived - I can honestly say I was very ashamed of my actions that day. If he were still present on this site, I'd look him up with a sincere offer of apology - FOR MORE DETAILS, I'M SURE ONE OF THE MODERATORS HAS A VAGUE MEMORY OF THE WHOLE DEBALE - IF THEY CHOOSE TO TALK ABOUT IT THAT'S THEIR BUSINESS).... anyways.....back to the bullshit..............CONTINUED.........

    .....that he had very little option but to back away slowly. To his credit her never made much of fuss on retreat and one of the godly empowered moderators that find themselves perusing the anals of this site removed all trace of my devilry and witchcraft... good on him I say. Job well done that man (or woman, but I very much doubt that fact... only men would be stupid enough to sit at their desks at 04:50 on what is now friday morning writing endless lines of drivel in a vain attempt to curb the shakes, whiteys and cold flushes that come part and parcel with certain substances of personal entertainment value).


    I was going to go for the Grasscity world record for new posts within a 12 hour period tonight (of all nights), but as it unfortunately turns out, the site isn't overly populated with folk that I can chat openly with.

    Shame that. Never mind. Should things get too bad, I'll stick Vietcong on and go waste some Charlie in the Jungle. Who says modern entertainment focuses it roots squarely on violence and aggression. Not me sireee.... tell me any different and I'll smash you face in... JOKE. See... how I formulated that humerous story to end with a tag line... more bullshit from my mouth it seems. Can I ever stop.!!!!!

    Anyways, I enjoyed our chat and we must do it again some time soon.

    Peas and Gravy signing out. Real quote of the Day - Officer Ray Bernhard of the Chicago PD, Stationhouse - 7 (enscribed June 7th 2002) to suspect - "you left your vehicle lights on overnight, Sir. Next time, be more careful or i'll be forced to shoot them out and send you the bill for the bullets".

    And is here any moral that we can apply to that quote: Yes, the truth of the matter is> no matter how nice or reliable someone appears to be on first inspection, just make sure they aren't carrying any semi automatic weapons before you decide to open up and share your innermost secrets, beliefs and hopes for the future. Chances are they'll shoot you ass.

    This has been a publically funded introduction to psychosis and paranoia with special guests, Cotton Mouth, sore cheeks and musical guest star, ABBA (who played on Windows Media Play ver 9 during this recording.

    Night ho. if you're off to bed.

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