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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. As some of you may know: it's closing up on bornfire night (the british excuse to light big fucking fires and use fireworks) anyways my dog hates fireworks and he really gets scared by them... Anyways I go out and have a couple of beers and a joint which I made for two all to myself... I get In and my sister tells me that the dog had bad dihorea and shat on the carpet of the front room... about an hour ago... anyways I walk to my room after taking a shit and look down at my bag.... which was still unpacked after my recent visit to France... I look down and the litte fucker has not only shat all over my bag- ruining my french dictionary and MY FAVORITE FUCKING SHIRT EVER!!!!! but also my carpet... and this shit is caked on!!! So after throwing my bag away (with most of it's contents (thank fuck I kept the underwear part closed!!!) I scrub my carpet and then I am done and it's killed my high apart from the nautious feeling I am now getting thanks to the combination of shit and beer and weed.... Thanks dog!!! But I still love him (If I didn't i'd have to kill him)...
  2. my nana liked dogs but hated shit

    so she got a little cast iron dog

    and called him Noshit

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