My favorite glass and Weed from new connection

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  1. so heres a pix of my FIRST PEICE EVER... had it for 3.5 years... got it for mad expensive.. its a CRUSH

    its name is Wolverine.... ill get a pix why. when i go home...

    i got a QO of High mids for 50 bucks from a friend.

    heres what i had... but imagine there was 2 bowls + a phat dutchie's worth of weed... which was prob like another 2 g's =/


    so tell meh what u think!
  2. damn that looks like some brick. not high mids. maybe you need better pics. it's hard to tell.
  3. its not good pix... im sorry...

    maybe when i go home and use my D50 SLR... ill see if i can get some macro's...
  4. yeah haha looks like brick (prob just pic quality), but regardless I like the bowl :smoke:
  5. Thanks man!! i love that bowl... ive lost so many glass pieces(others too) like... ive probly lost/stolen/taken about.... 15 pieces... 4 of the heddy =(
  6. nice piece, im thinkin bout pickin myself up one of those soon. good when your driving on your wat to work. nugs look good, def get a better quality pic, the pic doesnt help the nuggets. haaa . legit bro.
  7. Nice piece, I like orange glass..
  8. nice smoking untesil. But you sir got raped on that bud. I would pay 50 for a half but 50 for a quarter. No mas. :smoking:
  9. is that one of those miniature jelly jars? i think i use that same jar for kief, its def a winner :)
  10. yeeah.... maybe... idk... ill work on it... luckilly i got a new connect...

    it was more then a QO... but less then HO... w.e.

    i got a good value... but ill get from a dif guy..

    the piece was my first one and i love it!!! ive had room searched and seized MANY times... and its NEVER been found
  11. Knock on wood.
  12. Glad to see you still have you're first piece. Cops took mine. :mad:
  13. One of my friends has a bowl that besides the color scheme looks identical. it is the best bowl ive smoked out of.

    and it comes down to if youre happy with that pickup. if you dont mind spending 50 on a quarter of that than thats all that matters.

    +rep on the piece
  14. thanks man! i love him to death...

    ill have shots of all around later...

    it was 70... but i tlked the guy down to 50...

    got it in the west village... back in 06... a place called "the underground" they make fakies too... for... 150..

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