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My Father was a G back in the day?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lugef, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So I recently found out my Dad used to smoke weed back in the day from my Grandmother, she's like "i used to catch him all the time with joints and blunts" it explains why he didn't really mind me toking up when i was in high school, it was my mom that always bitched at me haha.
  2. parents who smoke(d) are the best. sadly mine do not lol
  3. Cool story bro
  4. Gotta love the trolls :cool:
  5. I know parents that where part of the cocaine cowboys.

    now that's g.
  6. #6 Lugef, Aug 11, 2011
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    o_O oh puts my story to shame i suppose.
  7. I wish my dad smoked bud back in the day. He was a weed nazi till i proved him wrong

  8. My dad smoked, and he found out I do like 4 months ago so me and him smoke together. My mom doesn't though...
  9. Haha righton bro, a lot of peoples parents smoked my dads been blazin since he was 14 n still blazes, i way surpassed him tollerance and knowledge on it forsure though, even became a better roller prety damn quick too lol, its something that brough us a bit closer, always had some one to smoke with if i didnt get him too stoned already lol
  10. I'm not a troll, it's just there's so many threads out there saying 'omg my moma smokes marijuana!!!!!'..
  11. He's not trolling, he's just saying that nobody really cares and your story is kind of stupid.

    Which is right.
  12. Makes me wish my dad wasn't such a prick.

  13. Had the same situation brah
  14. I suppose you're correct, but i thought it was interesting to know.
  15. My dad was a woman back in the day
  16. this gets me thinking, when I am 45 and have kids, if my kids will think the same thing about me.
  17. my dad did coke, and smoked weed and was still to ignorant to let me do it.. my mom did those to, but she wouldn't care as much
  18. Everyone in my family has smoked at one point in there life. All 3 of my brothers smoked in high school/college. My dad started smoking in high school and still smokes today, I also figured out he buys by the zip from my uncle who happens to grow. I still remember opening my dads desk drawer and finding 6 ziplock baggies with a little bit of weed crumbs in each bag. My mom also smoked throughout college.
  19. i smoke joints and blunts im a g too.

    honestly thread does not deliver, i thought your dad was a drug pedaling gangster :(
  20. how does that make him a "g"?

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