My fat Joint

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Hausen, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Here it is.

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  2. damn thats nice! good job.
  3. Thanks ':D
  4. Holy shit, how much pot is in that beast?

  5. Wow, is that a full size altoids container? Smoke it!
  6. looks like a vibrator :D smoke it :D
  7. yo thats definitely a mini-altoids container and he's trying to play us...still a nice joint, if it is a real size, damn
  8. Yea, that is a mini altoids, but still a fat ass joint :)
  9. i ate an altoid one time
  10. thats gotta be a small altoid container......
  11. Ya it is a mini altoid box, and no im not trying to play you. it was just what was next to it. It was like 6 Grams i think? It hotboxed the hell out of my friends apartment. When we opended the window you could see it just pouring out.

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