My experience with Pinapple express

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  1. Here's my experience with pineapple express.

    Me and 2 friends drive over to the theater at about 9:00. The movie was starting at 10:25 and none of us had our ID so we had to sneak in. We scouted out the theater to see which movies were playing on the same side as pineapple express. We decide that Journey to the center of the earth would be the easiest one.

    We buy our tickets for journey and head outside around 9:30. We walk across the highway and climb a nice hill with a view of the entire downtown area, in all of its beautiful shiny splendor. We hit from my homemade bong (i have instructions posted) and we are Blazin.

    Fast forward to the theater, guy ripping our tickets. My 2 friends are in front of me, and their tickets are ripped first. They walk off without their "3D glasses" and the guy calls them back and explains how the movie will be blurry without them. I find this hilarious for some reason, probably because we arent even seeing a 3D movie. They walk off, and immediately dash into Pineapple express. My ticket is ripped, and i walk wright over to the garbage and chuck my glasses. They guy was looking at me funny.

    Now remember, I'm high as hell and i hear the guy go " I saw ....blah blah blah... In the theater...." and his Co-worker "...I'll pick them up." I thought they seen my friends in the theater even though the payed for a different movie and he was going in to kick em out. I was standing there stressing out over this, but after a minute the guy comes out without my friends, and i walk right by him and into the theater.

    I walk up the aisle on the left, look everywhere, around the top, and down the aisle on the right, and i couldn't find them. The movie had already started so i took a seat next to an old fella and thought "I'll deal with that problem later." So the movie plays on, everyone in the audience loves the movie, and me and the old man are laughing up a storm. Half way through the movie he pulls out a J and lights up, and asks me if i smoke. I answer, and me him, and what i know now his son smoke a J in pineapple express.

    I loved the movie so much, I'm going again. It was so funny, even though i lost my friends i met another blade and enjoyed myself. I laughed so hard at "Fuck the PO-LICE!" and when he had the cross joint and its trifecta of awesomeness. The whole movie was great, and imo beat out dazed and confused as the number 1 stoner movie.
  2. I don't wanna be a dick but that's fucking retarded. Glad you didn't get caught though.
  3. Didn't I just read this thread?
  4. u smoked a j in the theater??? wow
  5. Pretty cool you met the guy, but pretty stupid you had to sneak in. Not that i've never done that, but it sounds like you're not 18.... an hour and a half is enough for everyone to get IDs.
  6. ain't nothin ever beat dazed and fast times son

    glad you had a wicked awesome time though, high five for the J in the theater :smoke:
  7. Somehow we managed to smoke inside the theater for the premier of Borat, passed the pipe down like half our aisle ppl were hitting it like mad.
  8. thats sweet andy.
    If you dont like the story, i never made you read it. And we were smoking for about 1/2 hour so we didnt have time to go get ID, i didnt think we would need it anyways.
  9. that movie is fucking haliourious me and 3 of my freinds smoked a 8ter and then went and saw it and we were so fucking blowed anything that was being said in the movie we busted out laughing and the security told us we had 2 chill out like 2 times

    we smoked an 8ter of this shit my dealer called triple A BC's
    so we were like fuck it and blazed up
    the weed had a funky smell to it not a good funky like a stinky ass peice of garbage but i was blowed after the first blunt
  10. I have never laughed harder when I saw that part. Agreed.. movie was epic.
  11. LMAO yall have smoked in a movie theater before? we wouldn't be able to do it's ALWAYS crowded or some shit..haha
  12. i saw it with my friend, who is a girl. we only had 11 dollars and just got done smoking an eigth. i forgot my i.d at home, so i asked her to pay for it, and she had the plan to sneak me in... she was going to pretend to trip and fall and cause a commotion while i slid on pass. we saw the movie. kind of gorey...
  13. none of yall had ids.. and u paid for a 3d movie to sneak in? u sound five. are you even in high school yet?

    and Man I thought that movie fucking SUCKED! I was ready to leave an hour into it.. not funny.. I felt just a little bit stupider from watching that shit.. gimmie my $10 and blunt back plz!
  14. yo i smoked mad weed in pineapple express it was fucking crazy random kids were just hittin my bubbler

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