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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by torpedo, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Guys, I am a newbie. I live in Seattle and they just legalized MJ on December 6. I went the route of getting a medical authorization on December 21 to consume MJ for my migraines. I have had migraines for many many years....more than 20 years. Amazingly, since December 21, I only had migraines 3 times and when they came, I vaped MJ and they went away. Incredible. No longer do I need Excedrine or other medication that makes me jittery and unable to sleep, not to mention is bad for my liver.

    Now the only time I took MJ was in college, never tried it after that. I didn't know the benefits of it and only took an interest when Washington legalized it. Now cops can't arrest anyone who has up to 1 ounce of MJ. I guess I was uneducated before and took the government's ridiculous position on MJ as gospel. I have to say I was ignorant but now know better. Here are the other benefits I have experienced...

    1) more calm and relaxed
    2) sleep better
    3) wake up more refreshed
    4) better sex....seriously
    5) more sociable, and talkative. I am an introvert so its good for me
    6) migraines under control. This is so important for me as when I get migraines, I can't function and have to literally stop work and lie down. Allowing me to work is really invaluable.
    7) less argumentative with family
    8) MJ has other health reducing the possibility of cancer.

    In sum, I am in love with MJ. I use the MFLB as I need the stealthiness it provides as I am with family and wife doesn't want to smell it ! I wished I knew about this long ago so I didn't have to suffer for so long. I can't think if any downside. MJ is not addictive and I am not high to the point where I can't function.

    I am late to this but am glad I am now using it. I just wanted to share this with all, perhaps some of you were also in my position and now found the LIGHT ! I want to thank all those in this country over the years who never gave up the fight to legalize MJ, and especially to those people in Washington state who put this on the ballot and voted for it!!:wave:

    And I want to thank those companies that make the MFLB and the Arizer Solo. I love those products. It allows me to consume MJ when I need it.

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