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My experience with Grasscity

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bws09, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. My experience over the past 11 days.

    I ordered my items the 18th, and the payment was taken from my bank the 19th.

    My order was then shipped 4 days later, the 23rd.

    I was a bit worried because of everyone's experience.

    But basically took them 4 days to ship, 7 days for the shipping itself.

    I was super excited opening my package, the package was in a white bag to protect it or discrete it I believe? Tons of foam pellets, lots of bubble wrap, everything was nicely secured and safe. Box itself had no indications of it being a weed product or tobacco whatsoever. I love how the salvia packaging looked, it also came with a free lighter as well, the packaging was made to look like it was some kind of coloring markers, then the lighter looked like a marker as well.

    Everything was nice.

    Anyways, cons of everything.

    I did get over priced on 2 of the 4 items.

    Customer service is awful, fully automated.

    Other then that I'm pretty happy.
  2. Glad to hear!
  3. Good shit, what did you order? I ordered a GlassCity Bong on the 11th, shipped on the 17th, Hoping its at my door today. If not by tomorrow, I will begin to be upset.
  4. Yup. and yet another day with no package Todays day 19.. 9th business day [, 13th] since shipment...

    Idk man, i really had hoped that my package would get here as quickly as so many had suggested (like yourself with a week wait time for shipping). All I ordered was the GlassCity Bubbilicous, and it still havent gotten anything. I have just about zero doubt customs took it. There havent been any letters, and i just dont believe that theyd take a bong with no illegal innuendoes, it cant be considered anything more than a legal tobacco water pipe.. Shit, as far as I know, GrassCity doesnt even ship with an invoice...

    So Idk where my package can be... I just want it to get here. Shoulda Fucking got Registered Intnl. Shipping.

  5. Just chill out bro. Sometimes shipping can take up to 14 business days. After the 14 days, then you should be worried.
  6. [quote name='"Medicinal MJ"']

    Just chill out bro. Sometimes shipping can take up to 14 business days. After the 14 days, then you should be worried.[/quote]

    Yeah I know... Patience is a virtue. I just wish it was here so I could fuggin use it!
  7. [quote name='"Medicinal MJ"']

    Just chill out bro. Sometimes shipping can take up to 14 business days. After the 14 days, then you should be worried.[/quote]

    I ordered a bong and an ash catcher and it took two months to get here....
  8. I would order from grasscity if it was united states based to long for shipping and no tracking I'm assuming from your guys comments. And its imported so chances of being intercepted and taken, And I've heard some stories about people not getting their order and they just ignore them. I prefer going to a head shop and seeing it my self, or from a American based online shop for faster, trackable, safer,and it's less likely to break because it's got less hands it has to go through to get to you. Sorry grasscity shop open up a America distributer and I'll be a regular customer if the service is good :bongin:
  9. I ordered a couple of pipes, used a credit card, and got them in 12 days here in Florida....
  10. Yeah, but if customs takes your shit they send you a letter... I havent got that letter so there is still hope.

    Tomorrow will mark week 3 overall, today marks week 2 of shipping.
  11. Cant believe u spent 54 bucks on a scale dude..

  12. it was only 10 according to the link

  13. I think you were looking at that other dudes amazon link.
  14. Lol yeah, thats ridiculous. Fuck that.

  15. my friend ordered a bong from grasscity, nothing but a small mini-bong, took about a month to get here, im in ohio by the way. haha.

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