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  1. I started smoking regular for about 5 months now, since Januari 2012 I keep getting strange feelings. It was like, if I watch people or animals or I talk to people, I can feel there emotions/vibes, I can feel them, and I can than respond to them before they even say how the feel. It's really strange. Even when I read a book, it seems like I understand It better and can answer questions faster. I'm descended from the indigenous people of my country (Latin America).
    3 nights ago I smoked a really fat joint. I watched some video's on youtube. After a half hour I stumbled on a video:

    [ame=]Indian Vision - Chirapaq - Native American - Powerful Pride - Sacred Medicine - YouTube[/ame]

    After 5 seconds the video started to suck me in and something from inside of me took me over. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was peaceful. I started to dance and act like my indiginous people ( they are just like the native american's). I started to hold my throat with my left hand and I started to make these weird movement with my right hand to the sky and shaking my head to the sky. And I made noises. A friend of me was also in the house and came rushing in. He removed my audio headset from my head and he started to panic and asked me what was going on. And now comes the strange part:

    I felt intense pain, i couldn't talk or standup. I looked him in the eye while he hold me and I said:

    "Mother earth is crying, she is dying. The world has to know this, we are killing here."

    As soon as my friend remove my audio headset, I started to lose this feeling. It was slowly letting go. But I got the feeling something is gonna happen in 2012. We need to change mother earth or it will let her people go and mother earth will be restored like new.

    I don't really know why I'm writing this maybe I'm going crazy.

    What do you guys think? Is it all in my head or did something really happened?
  2. every once in awhile we gotta put the bong away for a week or two bro. if you get the same kinda feelings after that it's legit and should be explored.
  3. weird. last week i went walking with my friend in the woods high, and when we would pass people i could sometimes feel or sense what they were thinking, or so i thought. for example, we passed a lady and a man, who both had a dog leash in each hand. when the lady looked at us, she gave the dog leash to her husband, and seemed afraid. its not something i wouldve picked up on sober. i dont know about it though, just might be related.
  4. are you exaggerating a little? what you're explaining sounds almost like some sort of delusions. that is, if you aren't adding a little bit of drama to your writing.
  5. i say you do everything in your power to stop the death of mother earth.

    at least i would if that was me.
  6. Perhaps mary jane opened you up to yourself...

    It's true we are buttfucking the shit out of this planet.
  7. Your just aware of things on a deeper level..your what some would could a psychic, and empath.

    I would embrace it..but definitely slow down on the bud "just in case"
  8. Thank you all for your reply's.
    No I didn't write any extra drama or did I exaggerate.
    I haven't smoked since that day, and I probably won't untill I feel it's right again. It really keeps me busy and I embrace what ever happend to me.
    The last couple of days i'm really trying to know more about my culture and where I come from. It's a real journey.
    It's also possible the bud opened me to myself, somewhere I'm glad, because it changed my view on the world and made me humble.

    @ticklemefancy: That's exactly what I experienced a couple of times, it was like picking up feelings/vibes. It's strange maybe the bud is putting people on a higher conscious level.
  9. never listen to the voices.
  10. That sounded crazy as hell. Sounds like the kind of stuff native Americans used to do. Go into weird trances and become one with the earth and land. You might have experienced what they did, which in that case, I really would love to do one day.
  11. Crazy, yeah. It scared the shit out of me
  12. You are not crazy. You really need to search into the term empath. I am one as well. I feel emotions, thoughts, pain, happiness, sadness etc off everyone around me. I take their pain in as my own. I have been this way since I can remember. Being empathic means you literally absorb energies off others. I have recieved everything from a.headache to a gunshot wound. It's not an easy thing to handle but its a good adventure.
  13. Thanks Greentyme, I will look in to it.
  14. the only things i think other people are thinking is that im high as a kite. even though they prob dont even know lol.
  15. Sounds like a powerful experience..I would be exploring it, as you said. Just means you need to be mindful as to when you smoke.and how much

    Contrary to what some believe...(that if you cant measure or quantify something in concrete terms...then its bullshit).....the supernatural world does exist...everyone has a Spirit...and this dimension does not operate according to OUR rules.

    Dont let it wig you out..if you handle it right, consider yourself lucky. :smoke:

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