My ex employer refuses to pay me

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  1. My ex employer refuses to pay me for my last week of work. My boss is acting like a jilted exgirlfriend and deleted from facebook, wont answer my calls or text and refuses to send me my paycheck. The job was in the Philadelphia area and I know am outside of Chicago so I cant just go there.

    Do I have any rights or legal leg to stand on to try and get this pay? :confused:
  2. Was this job payed "under the table?"
  3. If you left without giving 2 weeks notice, he's not entitled to pay you. If you did put in your 2 weeks notice, he owes you.
  4. I'm pretty sure you could sue his ass for not paying you for time you worked for him. I think my dad has told me this before
  5. The job wasn't under the table, however I didn't give two weeks, so I guess im fucked.

    What an immature little bitch he is.
  6. Wtf lol no ?
    If you worked you get the pay. Do you have proof of work? Time card something
  7. Well I could go over there and take care of "things" depending how much that check is and if you're willing to cut a piece. ;)
  8. Dont listen to that its un true

  9. That's not necessarily true, Especially cause he is avoiding you. I would look into maybe doing a petty claims court, Get your check and make the fucker pay for you lawyer :cool:

  10. Don't sweat it man, just a lesson learned.
  11. I'd put sugar in his gas tank, if I lived close enough anyways...
  12. Thanks for the input all.

    My new job pays me over twice as much so whatever, just sucks. I'll try and get a hold of HR but I wont go to crazy lengths just to get it.
  13. since when was this the case? if you work for someone then they pay you. most employers are advised to pay by the next regular payday and if they don't then the employee can contact the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division for assistance in getting their pay.

    2 weeks notice isn't mandatory, it's a more of a courtesy an employee can choose to give.
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    do you have any links to prove this, cause I can't find that anywhere

    OP, I'd file a complaint here

    what I read was that you might not get vacation pay or things like that if you didn't give two weeks, but I'm pretty sure you are entitled to your wages for hours worked
  15. Which will likely would cost more than 2 weeks of pay. Better to go through the dept. of labor. At least at first.
  16. ::::UPDATE::::::

    this thread inspired me to make a last ditch effort and I sent him a nasty text and he told me he would put it in the mail.


  17. Cheers! :hello::hello:
  18. I was confusing time paid out with something else my wife was going through, gonna have to ask my wife about it when she gets back.. Can't remember what it was, but she was in a situation where she was worried about money the company could withhold if she didn't give 2 weeks notice.
  19. They have to pay you for time worked. You can lose other things like paid vacation or sick days that you earned, but not for time actually worked.

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