My Epic Night...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Drewsley, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hey gc...dont post hardly any unless i feel its worthy so heres my contiribution...

    I got a really close buddy who doesnt smoke much at all unless its with me on weekends. Hes a really close friend who i smoke up anytime i get the chance. I sort of introduced him to smoking proper with bongs and what not. He tried it once out of corn cob pipe but anyways onto the story..

    Two weeks ago on a saturday me and my freind we'll call him stan well me and stan decided we were going to smoke up around 7:30 pm and just chill out. So i get a 50 sack of some really good no name dank get back to my house and i pull out my bong, stan says "hey man you know what you just smoke up and get blazed i got a treat for you." So im like alright man sounds good. I get blitzed out of my skull..stan says alright man lets hop in the car and like coo man so we get in hop on the interstate im like dude were we goin hes like man im takin you to i get to hooters and eat wat is probally the best most juicy hot wings of my life after eating like 18 wings im like "thanks man that was a great idea"...stan says "oh dude its not over yet were going to deja vu", which is a gentlemans club.. So im super stoked i got a good amount of cash with me and im ready to make it rain on them ho's. He pulls out a half empty bottle of captin morgan tattoo and i from hooters to deja vu i throw shot after shot of tattoo back and wait.. its about a 50 mile distance from hooters to deja vu so when we got there i was so blitzed it was great...i was fading fasttt....we got there set at the stage for around 4 fours and i felt so amazing i was high drunk full and lookin at set after set of gorgeous a lap dance from a chick that looked like my highschool crush it was a great night all the lights the bass the music...truley and epic night... thanks for listenin gc hopefully i'll start posting more!
  2. That does sound like an Epic Night, damn man you got an amazing friend by your side, don't lose that friendship.
  3. Sounds like any other day to me. JK bro, awesome night!
  4. Yea hes a pretty cool dude, has some nappy ass hair tho lol.
  5. hell ya man, your friends sounds like a cool guy. Its hard to find good friends like that so dont do anything to mess that up
  6. damn thats straight...sounds like ur friend is a cool dude
  7. Wow nice night, I'm guessing you live in MI, I've only heard of Deja Vu around here lol. Anyway sounds like it was fun.
  8. we got deja vu in seattle.:wave:
  9. We've got Deja Vu in the chi

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