My Ecstasy Weekend

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  1. K well its friday and i'm at my friends house and I just got done drinking and i just met this guy who ive heard a lot about and he seemed pretty cool. So me and him kick it and I meet up with my friend and his girl so we walk to save mart to change in some change for dollar bills so we are waiting and i got a call on my cell this guy says he wants a dub so i'm like cool. He comes and and we goto walgreens which is right across the street and I hop in the car grab a dub of weed and he says he's got some triple stack mac dres so i'm look cool let me see if anyone wants some so I go ask if my friends wants some thizz 2 triples for 25 so i grab the cash and grab the pills and he gives me one so we walk to d street and I only hit the bong twice cuz i was SUPPOSED to stop chiefing but i hit it like a fucking savage so we only had one pill so me and my friend split it cuz its a triple right so we were chilled for the rest of the day feeling it a little but i really didnt feel it till saturday when i got some more and heres that part.


    K well i'm with that same guy and I had like 30 bucks so arond 6 I go hit up my friend and grab a triple stack mac dre and triple stack rnb so i give him the rnb and i take the mac and well i went to the store to grab some hennessey and oj with my other friend and when we get back the guy i gave the rnb too says someone owes me 270 bucks lets go collect. So i grab some cigarettes and we get in the house and right when we walk i can tell he isnt gonna collect so i'm like fuck this cuz i hate fake people and he's losing by staying there anyways. So i go back to the house and we are chilling and we get a ride down town and thats when I started feeling lovely. We are chilling in this stoner house and hella people are in the room and that's when i start really chiefing like there wasnt a period of time where we werent rolling or smoking a blunt. So we are just chiefing and Im playing the roll of dj and it was a trip cuz I couldnt stop moving to the beat. Well we pass out about 6:00 in the morning wake up at 9:00 me and my friend big will walk into the garage with these two females and roll up another 2 blunts and the ecstasy kicked in ALL OVER AGAIN. So I went back to my house at about 1:00 and crashed out and thats it. This story is prolly boring but it's just an everday story know what I mean? Thanks for reading it.:D
  2. sounds like a pretty fun weekend. you should go to a rave which would make the ecstasy so much more intense
  3. sounds like a good idea ill try it if i can find one in this small ass town of mine

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