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  1. Bet i had you guys fooled think'n i bought some of that knock-off stuff huh? lol I did'nt, i got real stuff but did end up having a small prob with it.

    I bought this RooR.DE stash jar. It is 3.2mm thick, with a blue logo. I really like the jar, THICK for a stash jar. Anyway, i got it and everything looked good till i went to seal the cork lid top, it was like the cork was to small, very weak seal, didnt just fall out if you turned it upside down, but still weak. So i needed a new cork. Went to the local headshop and they had an awesome little stash jar(pictured next to the RooR) and the lid was pretty much a perfect fit, its alittle deep in the jar, but i think i can cut it down some. And to add gravy to those taters, the RooR lid fit the other jar tight. So i got lucky.

    Just to keep you on your toes, If you buy 1 of these jars(the RooR 3.2 w/ cork lid) make sure the seal is tight, or tell him before you buy it that if lid isnt tight you will leave negative feedback. I like the jar ALOT, but for $40 i expected a lid that is 100%. I bought a RooR hat from him also, Black w/ Black logo in the background from him, it was %100. Hope this helps someone...

    Holding Lemon Skunk

  2. $40 for that? That's insane!
  3. How do you know it's real?

  4. I know i know, you have a point, if you ask me. Tough to find a 3.2mm thick borisilicate glass stash jar though, lol. Borisilicate is TOUGH to break, and i like that idea...
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  6. I know. But would it not be possible to make a copy. I'm not saying yours is fake. I'm not a glass expert. But iv heard bad things about Ebay...
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    Doubtful, but definitely possible. You know real RooR glass when you hold it, heavy heavy heavy glass. And knock-offs usually don't do that, thats where they make their money, is using cheap glass...

    Also, nobody buys stash jars for $40, lol, companies don't knock-off something hardly anybody wants to buy. Now the bong line-up is a different story, lots of money to be made there
  8. I like the jar, but as of lately definately been alot of shady stuff on ebay. Apparently though you know whats up, which is good.

    Nice pick up bro :D

  9. Yeah I guess so :) You must have the money to do it, so why not eh? :)
  10. wayyyy to expensive for a glass jar..

    made $36 profit im sure

  11. I agree, i just reported the fake crap from the other thread up. This is the guy i bought my stuff from. eBay My World - daroorshop

    I have seen him around for about 6mos now(but hes been around longer), has good ratings, doesnt sell bongs(at least not ebay), and everything he has sold you can find on, he never has alot of stuff, like if you look now he only has black/green logo roor hats(that are legit and you find on All previous sold items look legit.

    On another note, and kinda shoot'n myself in the foot after ranting about how nice borisilicate is. But.. I bought a gong stash jar awhile back, at the same time i bought my .de bong. Now the gong stash jars from roor are junk, imo. Thin as hell, still borisilicate, but wayyy thin. Nowhere near the thickness of this new jar, so you can't compare. I broke that thing in a week. it was $25 for that 1. This guy sells the roor gong jars also sometimes i've seen(prices looked inflated for those jars, but not really the 3.2), i won't buy another 1 of them. they are legit, but not worth it at all. Hopefully someone will benefit from me being the guinea pig, lol....
  12. Weird all my guy friends make ME the guinea pig, its good to see someone else finally take one for the team :p

  13. I don't think he makes that much. The 3.2 jars go for $35 on paid $40) and the hats go for $35 on and he sells them at $25. Which leads me to believe he has some type of wholesale setup with a place that sells, no worries on shipping bowls, jars, stickers and hats into the country, and if he can make $10-15 on each product he's good. prolly bought a lot of those hats for like $10-15 apiece from some shop in amsterdam that just wanted to unload them. This is all just speculation of course, but seems plausible...
  14. Brand new they go for $26
  15. Your right, even less, 15.50Euros, which is like $22us. So he certainly gets an inflated rate. And the hat is 25euros on, so he must have bought those hats for cheap...
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    expensive jars. dunno how you can break a stash jar without being horribly clumsy espcially in one week. i like the grey logo color tho. I heard alot of bad things about the gong jars also especially with the stickin. I use a old glass skippy jar and a pom juice jar the weird glass ones with the pop off lid. works great. My Bowl is also a great place to stash weed. I try and tell all my friends that. hahaha Anyway nice buy.
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    Also, to the poster that said i knew what i was looking at, thank-you, alot of the credit goes to guys like yawbus here. I researched and bought a .de before i joined here, but hardly knew some of the intricacies like these guys do. Him, Chris C., Sinse, KC, and even missionskates, ive seen all contribute alot in my short time here and they know their stuff, no doubt about it...

  18. That sucker was so thin, i swear man, i have a glass-top desk(as you can see in some of my pics) and all i did was knock it over from a sitting position and it cracked it. Didn't even knock it hard at all, lol, just tipped it over. I was pissed...
    I still have it, i can take a pic if anyone really wants me to?
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    Reel, i assume by your title you're in the south?

    I'm in texas...check out "Hobby Lobby" stores if you have them in your area.
    They have absolutely INSANE deals on glass jars of ALL types...mason, locking, top locked, everything. I was just there today and they were doing 50% off january special on all glass jars.....clear glass/glass any size mason jars (made in USA) for under $10. I bought two and these puppies are sealed TIGHT, no problems.

    Just wanted to let yall know.
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    Nice... I know another legit ROOR seller on ebay. Chico-Kush has some stuff up. I think it's all apparel though.

    Edit: Looks like he's all out. Plenty of heady slides though... like really fucking heady.

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