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  1. So, there is a weird second closet in my room that is too small to store clothes, etc. in, so a couple months ago I decided I would start throwing my empty alcohol containers in there.

    Now, I have what you may call a "drinking problem" so I generally do not drink, but there have been some falls. As I am moving out soon, I have cleared out this closet. There were six binges since I started using the closet, and this what I found.

    232 beer cans (8 cases of 30, somehow 8 cans eluded me)
    4 1.75L bottles of vodka
    3 1.75L bottles of gin
    3 1.75L bottles of whiskey

    Keep in mind this was over six periods of drinking.

    For the record, the beer was all Miller High Life (Milwaukee for life), the vodka was Gordon's, the gin was Bombay, and the whiskey was Canadian Club.
  2. so you're saying you drank over a gallon of hard liquor each binge???!! That and the beer?! Are you typing this as a ghost?
  3. It's all true.
  4. Trust me, it's less difficult than it sounds.

  5. what happens after you emerge from one of these binges. what do you feel like.
  6. "The plan was to drink until the pain over
    but whats worse?the pain or the hangover?"

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  7. It fucking sucks.

    I get the shakes really bad. I am a math major, so quickly writing intricate symbols is a must, and I cannot take notes during withdrawal.

    I cannot sleep for four or five days.

    During the day there is a constant uncomfortable feeling. There is no description, but it feels terrible. It feels like my whole body is "buzzing" and no matter my mindset it sucks.

    My brain does not take in new information. Paying attention in lectures becomes fruitless.

    Towards the end of a day, I think about nothing but my next drink. Even towards the end of the physical withdrawal symptoms this mindset drives me insane.
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  8. You've been laying off a bit, right dude? As a mathematics major, it's vital that you retain your ability to analytically process information, and hangovers don't really allow that sort of thing.

    I've seen so many students lose sight of their grades and end up having to drop out due to the amount of alcohol they take in their first couple of semesters at college.
  9. You are correct. Right now I am fine, but it is still a struggle.
  10. '

    ehhhhh... :eek::eek::eek:'

    Did you drink these all my yourself or did you have help?
  11. Well aparantly many more people can drink 1+gallon of hard liquor judging by the looks of this thread. I used to think people were intense when they were like "yeah I drank a fifth once" but I guess some people are like "Oh yeah remember that one time when I drank a gallon, haha good times, am I right, am I right? Bartender, can I get another glass of vodka over here!"

    I mean a gallon is 5 fifths!!! I can't drink a gallon of water probably so I don't want to hear about how it's alot easier to do than I think because I guarantee it's not. And yes I understand this is over time but that doesn't change much imo.
  12. Well, just under 4 liters in a gallon(I'm Canadian :p), there's about 0.77 liters to a you can have give or take just over five two-sixes in a gallon....128 ounces in a sitting while drinking that beer? Sorry broski, I call shenanigans... my buddies dad who's a full blown alcoholic takes on 2 full forties when he wants to get drunk(in an hour or two) which is almost *50* shots less than a gallon PLUS you drank that beer? Seriously hombre, you have some issues if that's what you're pulling in a night.
  13. Yeah, I don't care if you believe me or not.
  14. You are most certainly just like me. Once you drink one beer or drink....... you don't stop until you're FUUUUCKERRRRED UP.

    That's why I quit my drug addiction, and only drink about once a month. Thank you god for weed, or else I'd go nuts.

    PS: It's possible people. Just because you get hammered from 3 beers, doesn't mean we all do.
  15. I think that on a binge you drink for a couple days almost nonstop. So over that longer it is possible. But very unhealthy.
  16. That's not that much....

    Doesn't sound like a full blown alchy. I call shenanigans :rolleyes:
  17. It's obvious most of the people replying to this thread have never had any trouble with alcohol or known any alcoholics up close. For an alcoholic, a binge is rarely a one day thing, don't assume he drank it all at once, but he certainly won't have stopped.

    Had withdrawal myself for the first time about a week and a half ago (I think), it's been 2 or 3 days since my last drink though. Drinking tonight but after that won't be for another few days, trying to cut back down.

  18. word. How long is a binge considered being?

    When I think binge, i think holing yourself up for a few days just getting shitty and drinking the hangover away right when you get up.
  19. Mine are generally around two or three days.

    During those two or three days I usually will not eat or drink healthy things, but instead just drink myself into a stupor.
  20. Wow I could never go on any type of binge. I respect my body too much. I drank on Wed and Fri and we started around 9pm and it didn't end till 3-4am. I get really tired after drinking a few beers so doing a 2-3 day binge is next to impossible for me. When I wake up after drinking I have no desire to drink.

    Hope your life gets better dude.

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