My Dream Business Idea. Looking For Advice On How To Start It Up.

Discussion in 'General' started by EurmahgerdWeed, May 25, 2013.

  1. Heres my business idea.
    My company would be selling beverages out of glass bottles. The drinks would be Rootbeer, Cherry Cream soda, Sweet Tea, and Lemonade. What makes my business different from all the other beverage company? Each one of my flavors will have a different charitable cause that a percentage of the profits will go to.
    RootBeer: Each bottle sold a percentage goes to planting trees and improving the environment.
    Cherry Cream Soda: Each bottle sold a percentage goes directly to local animal shelters struggling to keep their doors open.
    Sweet Tea: Each bottle sold a percentage goes to creating boxes with essential living items such as soap toothpaste toothbrush exc. And sending them to third world nations.
    Lemonade: Each bottle sold a percentage goes to contributing money and supplies to school art programs in hopes to keeping art in every school.
    I know taking a percentage of sales isnt a smart business strategy but this is what I really believe in. Im not trying to be rich by any means, I just want to make enough money to support myself. If any one has a clue on how I can start this company I would be extremely grateful. Thank you

  2. With all due respect;
    If you're going onto a marijuana forum to ask how you can start your business.. it's not going to be successful. 
  3. create the drink now.

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