My downstem broke :(

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  1. On my mini bong. But I still have the bowl.

    • Is there anything I can make/use for it?
    • Can I just use it with the bowl for now? (I'm really attached to this piece.)
    • Would I be able to walk into any old headshop to get a replacement? It's not name brand glass or anything and I have no idea how I'd measure for it. Should I bring it with me?

  2. clean it, bring the old down stem and main piece with you (you'll want to make sure everything fits while you're their). Using it broken is always an option.
  3. try to measure how long it is then just go into any headship and ask for a down stem in that length

    I've probably gone through 6 or 7 downstems in the life of my bong and there like 15-20$ to replace, no big deal at all.
  4. You can use a bong with just the bowl-piece, no downstem, but the water won't percolate when you take a hit, so it will end up pretty harsh, but do-able.

  5. Depends on the downstem. If the downstem reduces such as an 18mm<14mm, his bowl won't fit.
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    not necessarily true. i broke my downstem once and was too lazy to get a new one for a few days, and i was able to use my 14mm bowl in the 18mm and it perfectly airtight. the bowl i had happened to be well made so i was able to press the area around the bowl onto the joint and it worked fine. took a bit of coordination to hit but like i said it was airtight
  7. Yeah, and if ANYTHING, you could get a small rubber stopper and apply that to the bowl-piece to ensure it's essentially air-tight.
  8. Invest in some quality glass so you don't end up in this situation
  9. If you don't know how to measure it then clean your downstem as best as you possibly can. Make sure that thing is spotless and bring it into your headshop. They will find one thats the right size for you.
  10. [quote name='"Rokintreasr"']Invest in some quality glass so you don't end up in this situation[/quote]

    Because "quality" glass doesn't break or something?

  11. It's a lot less likely to break... :rolleyes: Not to mention how much more functional it is... Seriously dude, don't defend china glass lolololololol :bongin:
  12. I just broke mine, man... well a friend did. I told her not to touch the bookbag that it was sitting in so she runs up and yanks it out of my car and smacked it on the door. I'm still just kind of a newb at this stuff but lesson learned: Bongs aren't travel safe. From now on I'll just take my pipe if I want to get high somewhere other than in my room.

    Anyway so could I take my bong back to the store that I got it from? It's a really small local store that's practically hidden from the world. I don't know if they have replaceable pieces.

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