My down the street neighbor PLEASE REPLY THIS ISNT A JOKE

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  1. So I was just smoking with my 42 year old neighbor who lives down the street from me. She has just been diagnosed by cancer. We had also been drinking and after all of it was gone, she was thinking of going on a joyride around town since shes been diagnosed with cancer and wanted to "go" in a different way.. I tried to persuade her into not doing it but she just wouldnt refuse and was totally up for the the whole idea.

    Before her big adventure around town, she decided she had to go pee before she went. At that moment I knew I had to do something crazy and go into her car and grab her keys before she came out. After I thought about for what felt like was a century, I ran into her car took her keys and ran home.

    Did I do the wrong thing? Was I a party pooper and ruined her fun. Or did I do the right thing and saved her life, and saved years of therapy for all of her family, including 2 boys age 9 and 10, their 3 year old brother, and her most precious child, the 17 year old girl she knows as her daughter..
  2. You did good, saved her life man and her children
  3. Thanks man, I need some good vibes to fill my sorrow right about now:hello:
  4. I don't understand, is she gonna die really soon?
  5. Yeah well I dont know about soon but all I know is that she wanted to die tonight and I just couldnt let that happen...
  6. That's fucked up man. You did good. I wish everyone was as good a person as you.
  7. Thanks bro
  8. You might want to go make sure she hasn't killed herself yet... Just sayin.
  9. As far as 2:45 she still alive, she just texted me saying "dud yio taje my cer keys" Im positive shes still alive;)
  10. you did good sir.

    the beauty of it, is hopefully, what you did can give her hope..
  11. I honestly really hope so.
  12. how would she kill herself joyriding and how was she that drunk lol "duider yiou takew m cer kerys",
    but yeah make sure she doesnt kill herself
  13. She wont, I promise

  14. go be with her, be her friend. you may save a life.
  15. You didn't just save her life. You saved the lives of anyone she could have hit and killed while drunk driving. Good job keeping her from doing a very stupid thing.
  16. Did you take the spares?
  17. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  18. ya done good kid!
  19. most people have extra keys man......
  20. It's all over and done with, and I guess she did'nt have any spares, but shes alright now...

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