My douche bag friend

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  1. One night me and a few buddies walked out to a park under a nice tree to light up in one of my favorite spots. I brought my book bag with my bong in it. We were all ripping pretty hard from the bong in the park having a great time. A few of my friends who don't smoke often were tweakin pretty hard. I mentioned a couple times how they were being extremely loud and need to keep it down

    Two of my friends left to go eat while me and a couple others stayed behind to chill. About 30min later (1 in the morning), we see a giant bright ass spotlight shine at us. My first thought was that it was a cop investigating the noise. The person with the spotlight starting walking towards us. I have never been caught or been in trouble with the law my entire life. I was high as fuck and i was freaking out. I didn't want to get caught with anything so I through my book bag in the woods with my bong inside of it and i dashed. When I go to my car I found out it was only my friend that left earlier. what a douche.

    I had to walk back and find my book bag, fortunately my bong was still in tact.
  2. Ahh he just wanted to scare y'all he didn't know you were gonna chuck your bong in the woods. Just act like you don't care and get together with your other friends and plan some revenge
  3. Thank god the bongs good, when you said you threw the bag i actually cringed a little haha. Its funny how even tho its not my piece im still concerned for it hahaha
  4. Man sounds like you got a little paranoid:D

    Just plot some revenge against him, all in good fun of course.
  5. piece not shattered!!!

    thats what really counts
  6. haha that shits funny man, my friend used to have a bright ass light on his phone and he'd walk into a party with it on saying it's the police. we'd sit back and watch all the little groms run and freak out :smoke:
  7. Loosen your butthole... Jesus take a joke

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