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  1. Hey peepz of grasscity. Today is a terrible day. Picked up a baby girl chocolate lab last night and my girlfriends dad ran it over in less then 24 hours.. to me pet fam death is almost as bad a a human death. Anyone else feel this way?
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  2. Oh yeah I feel this way about pets. ;w; Hell I grew up with a cat named Pikaboo (I was like four years old when I named her) and we had her until I was about 21.
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  3. Wow man that is epic. I hope to keep my cat miles that long. But I sware I was more sad about her death then some of the funerals I've been too. I feel bad almost

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  4. About comparing the death of humans to animals not my dog dying of course I feel terrible about that:(

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  5. I think it's because lately animals have been proven to act more loyal companions than our fellow humans have been.
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  6. I agree with that completely. Humans always have some altiarier motive to gain them in some way maybe even without realizing it, yet animals are so pure and honest.

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  7. Dude my wife and I are on our fourth lab in 25 years. We take care of them like kids. The fact you were not aware of this baby and let it get run over by some dumbass is ON YOU!! Nice job letting a puppy get killed by your mistake. I like most dogs better than most people. Can you see why???
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  8. That sucks man, sucks for the pup too.

    Well at least it wasn't a 15 year old dog you grew a bond with.
  9. That's hard man. At least u didn't get attached to much.....try to get a new puppy
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  10. This^^ and sorry for your loss OP
  11. sorry for your loss <3

    i lost this hunk about a month ago :/
    his name was titus

  12. How did your dad just run it over? Don't take this the wrong way but I wouldn't get another dog and just stick to a cat
  13. Sorry to hear that :(
    It hurts me more when i lose a pet then a human. They love you unconditionally and are always there for you trying to get your attention, always stick by your side and got your back till the end. I went into a very dark place for years after my doggie passed away but i eventually recovered only to grow wiser and stronger.

    I have been thinking about getting a cat but still unsure and i guess i am still afraid due to what happened in the past.
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  14. it's horrible, i am so cried when my guinea pig died :(
  15. I'm shocked you cant see this isn't needed at all or even cool. Who the fuck are you to guilt someone in a sad, or trying time?

    Also, 4th lab in 25 yrs? Uhh, the fuck are you doing killing off a Lab ever 7.5 years? That's under the mean life expectancy of a Labrador.
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  16. All of our Labs have overlapped in being in our home. We take all of our kids to a teaching university of veterinary medicine so we are seeing some of the very best vets in the world. Fuck off.
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  17. Why "explain yourself" to someone you want to "fuck off"
    I forgot people like this exist... Also, its a dog, not your kid.
    ..Dogs....Kids...Hmmm. You cant have children can you?
  18. admit it dude, the kid fucked up by not paying close attention to the puppy outdoors. a responsible owner wouldn't start letting a dog out unaccompanied/unleashed (much less a friggin puppy) that they've had less than a day.

    was that necessary?
  19. He need his ass beat
  20. Yeah it was debatable negligence, but thats not the argument im making..
    My point is, its a sad situation, why make OP feel worse. You guys dont know how traumatic it was for him? Maybe they have a large yard, maybe they have dogs running around freely and uneashed? I've seen many things happen like this, its always sad, always an accident. Makes me wonder how you guys would react to my Old Vet, who backed over his own 5 year old daughter, or down the road neighbor whos son did the same to his kid. NO ONE DARED UTTER NEGLIGENCE, yet it was, but for their situations 100% unneeded!

    Also, you're right, I was mad, drunk, and my last comment was unnecessary. Ill admit it.
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