My dog died today.

Discussion in 'General' started by Savage Henry., May 24, 2010.

  1. My dog, Salem, died today. He was too old, and it was too hot out for him. He was such a good dog, and I miss him so much already. All the words in all of the languages in all of the universe cannot describe how much I loved him. :(

    Have any of you guys dealt with a pet dying, and if so, how do I cope with the pain? (Please, don't say "smoke some pot")
  2. Get a new dog and keep busy.

  3. This is good advice. It can seem almost harsh to just up and get a new dog but it will refocus you.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Feel better man.
  4. Grieve and move on. Life doesnt stop.
  5. Sorry to hear that man... :(
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. I had this happen to me a couple times now. There really is no way to make up for it, but sometimes letting a tear out wont hurt. Hope your doing better
  7. That sucks man, i feel your pain. One of my dogs passed away a year or so ago, and i was a wreck for like a week straight. I had him ever since i was a little kid, so it was kind of like one of my close friends passing away. Just take it easy, and remember that you gave him good companionship while he was around, that's all you can do
  8. I took the day off from work and listened to music (music helps a lot) when Scotty passed. Then I adopted another new member of the family: George.
  9. R.I.P SALEM

    lets all light up in remembrance for his dog lol:smoke:

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