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My DIY tray :)

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Tonywax, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I bought a 3x3' tray only to find out my tent was 34"x34" lol well here's my DIY tray! Made with 2x4s, a staple gun, and some pond liner. Costed me about 20$ and will sit on top of a PVC frame.

  2. I love this idea, im going to incorporate it into my room for waterproofing as I only have hammered mylar over carpet in my room. I wish they had white pond liner, since black absorbs light more then anything.
  3. Yeah I'm planning on making a new one more fortified. It doesn't slope as well as I want it to. Also put some Mylar on the parts that get hit by the light :) nice idea!
  4. Were did you buy that pond liner

  5. Home depo! In the Garden section. I'm going to make a new tray I think, having PVC pipe run through the frame so the plants can sit on that and will create better drainage. I mean it works now but some little ponds bug me. :D
  6. My floor in my grow closet I use a floor from my growlab tent and its mylar reflective. It actually helps believe it or not by reflecting the lumens off the floor, rather then having the floor soak up the light?///?? logic

  7. It was just a simple tray for a few weeks until I have time to make my new one :), my next one will have panda film to reflect the light don't worry!
  8. don't want to rain on your parade but lowes has a pond for $15 about the size you built. the only difference is its molded into a flood table tray already and you can drill it for an over flow/drain.

  9. That's fine! Ill go check it out. The thing is my tent isn't a perfect 3x3 so if they have trays that are different sizes unlike boniticare ill definitely check it out! Thanks man
  10. np. just thought i'd save you some time and get the right gear. i wish i knew about some of this stuff earlier.. would have saved alot of time and money
  11. I built one like this for my closet, custom fit using 2X4's and Panda. Works well enough...


  12. I'm going to be building a new one this Wednesday, my plan is to have a 2x4 frame and punch out a bunch of 1in holes and run PVC 1in pipe through it where the pots will sit on then underneath have the pond liner pitched towards the middle and cut a drain hole in. Then panda all the black that shows.
  13. I'll probably build one of these in the next month, I have to say thanks again for the ideas.

    Lets talk wax now sometime.
  14. Does anyone know if mylar is water proof? I might line my troth with it if it is...
  15. I think panda film is from what I've heard and it's 90% reflective
  16. And where would I get that locally? Sounds like a specialty item, they don't have it at the hydro store
  17. Ahh online has it cheap?

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