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  1. I've had this old tent that has been sitting in my yard for the past year taking up space, so I was just gonna tear it down cuz it was full of holes, so I was sitting there smoking trying to figure out what to do then I thought what about turning it into a greenhouse, I've been growing for a few years but only in pots outside.
    The framework that I came up with came out better than I thought to just be put together without sketching it out.

    I bent the tent poles to form a square frame and used duct tape to hold them together, then I used cinder block to support and surround the bottom and seal up the gaps. I bent some of the poles across to top to make a rouded roof and surrounded it all with chicken wire.

    It measures about 4x3x4

    Just a project I'm trying this year, looking for advice on whether I should use plastic to cover it or is the chicken wire good enough, I have a lot of clay in the soil around my house what are some good ways to amend that? I was planning on building a small garden box inside and taking a lil of the clay soil out or should I just dig the hole out a fill it with regular garden soil?

    Just looking for some advice, whethet it's a good idea or not, things i can do to grow great plants,trying to get at least 6-8 plants in it, like I said this is my first greenhouse attempt
  2. A chunk of poly plastic and some bricks or rocks to hold it down and you have a start.
  3. Saw your plants they look great

    can I get that from a hardware store
  4. I personally like Green Mesh
    Yea $5 will get you started. Try to use as much recycled materials as you can to keep cost down.
    Im looking to build a big ass greenhouse with a chicken coop and nice enough I can heat it and add lights in the winter. I have one thats 7 x 7 x 12 from amazon but a wind storm fucked it all up.
    My woman has been drafting up plans for the big passive solar greenhouse.
  6. That would be a nice setup, couldn't do that with my limited space.

    Thanks for the tip about the green mesh it would also add a lil camouflage.

    Only smokers can be that creative
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    I built my 12X10 PVC GH for a little over a 100 bucks.
    Word of advice if you plan on growing in the GH every year then I would suggest getting real greenhouse film. Construction poly will last you 6 months and a year if you are lucky (this goes double if you live in a desert area that gets lots of sun). Since it is designed to breakdown easily at the dump and isn't built of UV bombardment.
  8. the green shade covering kind? I wanna make a small greenhouse also and was also wondering what to use around the outside for covering.

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