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  1. So I built a 35 site cloner out of a rubber maid tub just waiting on net pots and neoprene inserts to complete it.
    parts list.
    Rubber maid tub -$7
    600 GPH pump   $50
    Sprayers            $5
    Piping                $20
    Net pots 2 inch   $15
    Neoprene inserts$15
    Total                  $112
    now i know you could do it a  bit cheaper maybe less of a pump etc. or if i had bought more in bulk i could saved a lot more.
    thanks to all the DIY tutorials on here and elsewhere on the webs. I can't wait to try this baby out.

  2. make sure you have a filter on your pump.. those tips clog easy..
    this is why i just use a bubble cloner.
    good job dude... :gc_rocks:
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    thnx for the heads up I had bought some heads from home depot and they were not the right kind of spray. my pump has a filter on it. i ordered some proper ez cloner replacements and they look like a lot more open design we will see :) think if i just added a bubble in my tub would double my chances?  :D

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    Still waiting on spray heads and net pots/neoprene

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