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  1. ima go shave my dick area cause its growing like a jungle jk but yah
    shouuld i shave my ballss too so my girl can lick it =??
  2. Its a tricky area but if you get it right it's pleasant. Go for it. Just take your time, of all places you do not wanna slip with the razor there
  3. my wife asked me to "manscape". I got a bit of ball skin caught in the trimmer. Ballsack bleeds "FOREVER":mad:
  4. wow man u made me realize that my balls r worth more then hair ill just cut with scizzors instead thanks
  5. make them "as smooth as eggs"

    and she cannot resist putting her mouth on them
  6. QFT most definitely. And what a feeling that is, especially when high.
  7. im sure this isn't exactly what you mean.
  8. don't shave your pubes ITCH ALERT!!!!
  9. I'm not even stoned but for some reason your post, OP, made me ROFL! :D
  10. Dude don't go bald, girls don't like baby balls. Trim it up with a scissors... that way you avoid snagging your sack, and you get to reduce the jungle fury.
  11. go hollywood and cream it all off ;)

  12. From my experience, girls enjoy the baldy-balls (even if they think it's a little weird at first)...perhaps some females could shed some light on the subject?
  13. Why not make your life easier and buy some Nair, so that you don't have a rash for three days.
  14. Skin is generally too sensitive around that area for the power of nair...I wouldn't recommend it. I almost tried it myself until a couple girls I asked steered me away from such a potentially poor decision
  15. excuse me miss.. i dont mean to be rude but do you suck balls?
  16. I totally thought this thread was going to be some big joke. Like the first post would be
    bigger than a bridge. Your dick, looks like a little kids.

    But yeah, I probably trim mine every month or so. I don't shave 'em though, not a big fan of that. And it's a given for me to trim the balls, too. I mean, if I didn't, my pubes would be short and my sack hair would be long, and that's just weird.
  17. haha i cant believe i used to just let my ball sack hair grow and grow while shaving my pubes lmao
  18. oh i'm sorry...i meant, do you suck these balls
  19. I don't know why I'm ok with sharing every detail of my life with you people, but I just sucked my boyfriend's balls the other day for the first time, they were shaved so it was cool but if they were hairy I wouldn't have done it.

    Is it really that amazing to have your balls sucked? I dunno why, I just don't see how it would feel good, if I was a guy I'd be too busy worrying about teeth being in such close proximity to the family jewels. But I mean, if it's as good as it's cracked up to be, I'm down. :cool:
  20. I've had my balls licked and sucked, and while it is a nice thing to have done, I would still rather get my dick sucked. If she wants to take a detour to my balls tho, be my guest.

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