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my dealer doesn't smoke..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Indiana Jones, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So I went to pick up some bud, and I asked the guy I was buying from if he wanted to match, and he said that he doesn't smoke, and has never even tried it. Does anyone else have a dealer like that? Cause it seems so weird to me haha.
  2. I don't think mine does either.
  3. I wish I had a dealer like that.
    I'd never have to worry about him being dry because he smoked up all of his product.
  4. I can totally understand a dealer not smoking but dealing without ever trying the product your selling seems strange. Actually thinking about it makes sense, i doubt the people who deal crack and heroin are using themselves, if anything they are doing it as a business and if theyre smart they dont use.

    Anyway, all of my dealers in the past have been regular smokers.
  5. I've heard that before. "He's never tried it," he's probably full of shit. I've heard "I don't smoke anymore, I just sell now" which can be common. He's probably just not telling you about his past use for some reason. It doesn't make sense, why not smoke if you sell? And how do you know you don't like it if you've never smoked? One explanation I heard is that if they get caught with it, they don't wanna take a test and show positive for using, either way they'll be fucked so it's not like not being positive is going to make their sentence from a judge any easier.
  6. A lot of dealers don't do the drugs they sell. That would be a conflict of interest
  7. I have known dealers who did not smoke, but they were on papers. Good reason.
  8. I know of a person that didn't smoke ever, but sold bud to get himself through college.. So I don't think it's so uncommon.
  9. well, in the Uk dealers are pretty much people that have too much weed to smoke by themselves, so they sell
  10. Mine is on probation; he has to have drug tests ever 2 weeks, so he can't really.
  11. ever herd the expression, dont get high off your own supply?

    hes most likely figured out how to make alot of money out of it so hes only selling for a financial investment.

  12. Havent you ever heard of "dont get high off your on product". Kinda hard to be a dealer when u smoke it all as someone else said conflict of interest...
  13. Had a friend in high school grow and sell, he didn't touch anything.

    Smart guy, good grades and polite to everyone. No one suspects the clean respectful guy to sell weed and make a profit.
  14. My dealer came up to me today smoking a 5 sheet kingy.

    I was like whutttt. So yeah, he smokes the cannabis.
  15. My dealer doesnt smoke, he much perfers his alcohol. When he doesn't have his kids he will drink and talk about his kids constantly.

    Troubled guy, fantastic dad.
  16. Speak for yourself man, that is such a crazy exaggerated statement to make!

    Dealing and not smoking dealers i've met a few times - one of the guys was a cokehead and just took that all the time so never cared for weed, the other one was a straight talking school kid who just wanted to take 160 and make it into 220 sorta guy.

    It makes sense not to smoke if your interested in making MONEY - you'll smoke all the profit instead, maybe even run the risk of losing money. I know guys who deal just to smoke their bags after they've made back the original investment. Just keeps re-doing it, 100 in, 30 profit to smoke and keeps re-investing the 100. Clever but pointless.
  17. That's like in Weeds, Nancy hadn't tried any until she was convinced she should know what she is selling.
  18. how the fuck is that possible he has to be at least a little tempted to try it
  19. i have a dealer like that, he was actualy the guy who showed me weed for first time, he wanted yo try it ( before a party ) but never did..
  20. good buisnessmen realize sellin bud's just another way to make money. don't gotta eat bacon just cause your working for Oscar Meyers.

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