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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D-Loc420, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. My day sucked as usual had to go to fucking school but this dude from afganistan (s.p.?) came up to me and wondered if i could hook him up with sum weed, i was like ok, he told me about one time back home he got lost in a feild of it, i was like damn i would have been yanking stalks of it up. Well then i had to go to work had a long hard ass day there then i came home a little while ago and checked me seeds that i got germinating (s.p.?) and i had 5 tap roots already coming out the seed and i just put them in there 2 days ago. Well i got another story to tell yaz but i'm really too damn tired from work to type it so i'll tell yaz later.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  2. you got to watch who you sell to some kid in my school bought some pot from this kid who gets caught and the kid cracks under the pressure and tell the cops everyone he sold to so this kid gets arrested and at the time he had some E on him including the pot

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