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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Doparius, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Something happened to me today...I went to work in a great mood,I was very manic,Well at work one of my managers that was off duty talked to me and said he had some green which was awesome since I had been dry lately so the agreed price was to be 65 a half ounce anyways during a rush he came back and left the green in a hideaway in the bathroom,anyways during the rush I go in and grab and pocket it anyways after work i smoke a jay with some friends and head home.I had promised my mom a qaurter at 32.50anyways come home and I weigh the bag and it turns out to be a qaurter instead of a half,never relized this until now how short the bag was,so me and him will have a "discussion" tomorrow,anyways to the point of the story, Upon relising my mistake mother askes me how much I was supposed to have paid for the 1/2 and I tell her 50 so her half would be 25 ,no sense in her paying for my fuck up,she starts a fight over the fact I got ripped and called me a liar and a theif,after she askes me why she has to pay so much, i tell her that I paid 65 for the sack and that I told her 50 so she shouldnt have to pay as much,wich prompts more fighting.She has also accused me of pinching her last sack I got fer her when all her connects were dry.
    Never again will I hook her up.
    Thank you for taking a couple of seconds to listen to me,I feel a lot better venting this.I really felt fawked up over it all.:(
  2. no offense ..but what a btich man... ..:(... ..hope you feel better today ..:)...
  3. that must feel strange dealing pot to your mother
  4. I hate it when ppl do that, they cant get weed so they come to you and they have the nerve to bitch about some minute detail. One time this kid came to me and i was in a shitty mood and he started on about something and b4 he even finished i kicked his ass out, and i told him to never come back. hahah he called me like 4 times that week to appologize cause he couldnt find any more connects, hahah i told him no and never again. hahah thatl teach him to bitch at me.
  5. man i HATE getting ripped off....i just got ripped of why do people have to be like that.

  6. to get more money and/or weed

    yea i have gotten ripped off alot, but i have something to counteract it now, a digital scale =).
  7. yes a nice scale is in the works right now,aswell as a new location to live,I was thinking of Joplin,mo but I am still i n the air for ideas.
  8. one time i paid 75 for a half o and ended up getting about a 35 sack.. sucked ass..
  9. my dealer is my friend ive known since 2nd grade. I dont like to be ripped off and he knows that. Ive seen him rip people off but ive never been ripped off. You gotta check it before you pay it.
  10. Wow, all i have to say is FUCK THAT..its time for an asswhoopin man, dont take that shit. I dont get ripped off because i made sure my dealer knows id whip his shit in. Dont feel bad for something you can fix..see this guy gives you the other 1/4 or your money back...
  11. man .......I just came up here to post somthing.................................and........I forgot what it was.................dude..............this is awesome!
  12. i hate getting ripped luckiy i have known my new dealer for about 5 years....
  13. i got one guy with good kb that always give u exactly what u pay for u get and 8th he give u 3.5 end of story. While the other guy i go to have amazing headies white widow purple the whole 9 yards and if u get a quater he gives u an 8th the dudes the dick i always haft to bring my scale or he trys 2 rip me off one time he tried 2 convince me that those small plastic non-pleaded baggies weigh .1 gram we argued over it for 30 minutes and i finnaly said ill go get my scale came back and guess what the bag weighed 1.2 some people r just dick heads plain and simple.

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