My day on mushrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by stew12, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Yesterday i got together with some buddies, and pitched on a quarter of top grade mushroooms with one other guy. When i first ate them, obviously totally discusting i almost gagged. My buddy and I were in my car when we popped them.

    So my first shroom experience was eating 3.5 grams of gold caps. About an hour in I'm feeling a little ticked off thinking they won't work. My sweet lord the shrooms hit my like a sack of bricks. One second I'm feeling totally normal, the next i turn to my one buddy and go "I am FUCKED up" WE were at the public arena when the effects first hit us, so far I'm pretty much looking at grass, totally astounded.

    After getting some cold water from the arena, we go to another friend's place. At this point time is going ridiculously slow, i felt like i lived a lifetime in about 5 minutes, even when i was listening to music i couldn't believe songs were sooo long. There's 4 of us now, the other 2 railed multiple lines of E, I'd never touch that rubbish but It's fun to see people on.

    We're sitting in his basement and i fefel i need to get comfy. I take my shirt off and lie down on his backgrass staring at the trees and sky. I swear to gosh i saw a bobcat fighting a wizard in the clouds. I spent about 2 hours taking it in with whirling thoughts flying throuhg the sky, totally alone. After the peak my friend called this girl for some trees, apparently i rolled 2 joints.

    The next few hours I'm sitting in a parked car with etards trippin to LIVE 88.5 radio, chainsmoking native cigarettes. Alcohol and shrooms is a great combination.

    I wasn't big on trying them at first, since they look pitiful. Once i learnt to relax and just go with the shrooms, it was very enjoyable. Would I do them again, I doubt it.

    -stew :eek: off the pshycadelics!
  2. Haha sounds like a great day. And indian cigarettes are sweet cause you can get like 100 smokes in a baggy for like $10.
    Where abouts in Ontario are you?
  3. Ottawa, suburbs. Indians are 200 for 20 here, thats what all the cheap smokers buy. Kingsize strongs, i don't notice taste differences between signature brands and natives. I was surprised, i didn't want to eat at all when i was straight trippin. I usually want a drink or candy or sumtin even when I'm totally stuffed, on any drug.
  4. Shrooms are fantastic, they've got my thumbs up for life. The way that I look at them is they just kind of cleanse your palate of senses because I think that day to day life kind of dulls your senses. I mean all they do is allow you to view things in a different aspect and it kills any kind of ego that you have at certain dosages. If you wanna use all your senses to the max and experience the world at this heightened sense of things then shrooms are definitely for you!
  5. nice... niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Ouch... hey now ;)

    Good story man


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