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My dad's officially an asshole - verified today

Discussion in 'General' started by Motoxridah, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. My dad and I have always been really close when I was growing up. But recently after my parents split up (6 months ago) he has completely neglected me. Now I could care less if he wants to start a new life with a new family, and i'm 21 years old, so I really don't need a father figure anymore. But about a week ago he calls me and tells me he wants to spend time with me for father's day. I agree and take time off work and make reservations to go out and eat. I go get him a thoughtful card and keep my day free. Well about 2 days ago I called him and confirmed that we were going to meet up for father's day and he confirmed it. Well all of a sudden today rolls around and I don't get a call... I give him a call and leave a message... no return calls. I text him and tell him to give me a ring whenever he's ready to meet. No answer. We were supposed to meet up 2 hours ago and he has still not answered my calls/texts. He stood me up. FUCKER!
  2. reminds me of the dad on hotrod

    what a prank, maybe he will call you later though
  3. meh keep calling

    if he doesn't show by the end of the day then fuck him
  4. Wow, thats complete bull $hit..... Just forget about him if hes gonna pull stunts like that. Lmfao or arrange another meeting and show him what its like.
  5. I'd cancel that reservation, then. I assume you missed it?

    That was a dick move, but you gotta make sure nothing happened - maybe there was a legitimate excuse or reason he didn't show.

    Still, a call would be nice...
  6. So two extremes: Hes an asshole or hes dead. Hmmm....

  7. fuck that just causes more problems

  8. silly children muckin up the city.

    i'd be tweakin for sure. like, call someone who's around him or something? what if he was out at toys r us gettin you that shiny new car or something and BAM now he's brain dead?

    (i knocked on wood, just fyi)
  9. Still no word from him... we were supposed to grab a bite to eat 3 hours ago. I'm at that point where i'm not even gonna answer my call if he tries contacting me. Screw him
  10. That's pretty messed up. Perhaps you should enjoy Mr. M. Jane's company instead. He sounds like a much better father figure.
  11. Never know whats good.

    Lost his phone.

    Got locked up.

    Did to many drugs.

    Ect ect.

    Im one to give family many chances.
  12. Hopefully nothing happened, but if he just stood you up...what a hardass.
  13. Yah in a sad way i hope something happened, but if nothing happened really and he just stood you up.

    Im really sorry about that, but really that does suck, but people make mistakes, and people deserve second chances, and then some sometimes.
  14. Thats...fucked up
  15. that sucks man...
    you should tell him how you feel about it.
  16. Keep this in mind!
  17. #19 Leapfrog, Jun 22, 2009
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    You call your Dad all sorts of names here but he's still your Dad.

    You don't even know (yet) what happened.

    Last but not least how often have you ditched him while you were a kid?

    Never? Right.

  18. Which is a very sad commentary.

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